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Thursday, December 30, 2010


it is amazing as i have been to three different gates so far ... there are outlets to charge cell phones, plug in laptops and .... amazingly enough ...

ipods...the kids were happy to see that since ipods have been on since about four am ...


in chicago.  flight last night cancelled after over two hours in line. we are currently waiting to try one of eight flights as standby. worse case we fly to columbus tonight and then fly from there to lauderdale after two pm friday. nice huh?

hoping everyone had a merry christmas and an upcoming happy new year.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - not!

You may have noticed that I didn't post a plan this week for my menu. Will, that's because I only have to worry about Monday and Tuesday. But hey, still linking up to Menu Plan Monday over at the Organizing Junkie!

So here you go,

Monday - Digiorno's pizza ($4.50 each at Target) and chicken wings (GFS, freezer) on the grill - I highly recommend this!! I also made myself a small salad in trying to keep in the healthy mode!

Tuesday - sandwiches and maybe soup or salad.

Wednesday - family (no clue)

Thursday - family (no clue)

Friday - my parents, ham, mac and cheese, finger foody type things ... you know the drill!

Saturday - hubbys family, but no one has discussed food with US, the foodies! Thats where we are sooo different, our families!!

Sunday - probably, most likely, leftovers!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Make It Happen Monday (Happy!)

We are so lucky that Ammie over at Domestically Obsessed has started a little Monday morning linky called Make It Happen Monday ... it keeps you a little more accountable for your to do list!

For me, I really only have a few days to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Meaning, I fly out at the crack of dawn Wednesday ... so I really only have TODAY and TOMORROW to get my s*it together. Ack!

1. Laundry, iron and put away
2. Get kids to do their putting away (geesh, whats with the CLEAN laundry monster??)
3. Pack. Get kids to lay out their clothes by day with surety of extra outfit for Eve & Day AND snowmobile night (the clothes will smell of exhaust)
4. Double check MY bag (as I'm the last one!)
5. Make sure gifts are along in carry on.
6. Grab list to put in carry on AND bag. (this way I'm sure I don't forget!)
7. Get kitty food and litter for the cats. Check in with Lins.
8. Clear out fridge
9. Trash to street, check with J on bring up when done
10. Double check laptop connects well and efficiently to work computers
11. Set up out of office assistant (please work this time!) at office
12. Go over basic stuff with boys (can you believe it, I have 4 closings the 4 official business days I'm gone?? Who in the heck buys a house right before Christmas??)
13. Relax

AHHH....number 13 will be difficult to do ... I realize when I wake up this morning that I shouldn't have taken a whole day off on Saturday. Luckily Hubby was feeling better and cleaned the whole house, top to bottom for me ... of course, we find out after the fact (thanks Nurse H, my girlfriend!) that the steroids the doc prescribed for him were the reason for his unheard of energy. He put them away after that! We just never thought they'd do that ... 2 days worth and he felt 100% better from being so darn sick all week.

So are you going to Get Your Home On? Hop on over and link up with Ammie!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gift Certificates

Every year, hubby gets me gift certificates, for the spa, manicures, pedicures, hair, massages, etc. This last one he got for me at Christmas of 2009 was for a nice upscale spa and a rather large amount ... and I figured since I need to get my hair done AND would like a massage/manicure/pedicure, I'd just do it with the gift certificate.

BOY am I glad I pulled it out and looked at it!!!! It expires exactly ONE year from date of issuance which is the 18th, SATURDAY!! Holy crap. That could have been ugly had I not thought to look at it ... I was thinking of waiting til after our trip but now I'm really glad I didn't.

So for 4 to 5 hours on Saturday, I will be at the Spa. Ann Marie, please forgive me for letting someone else highlight my hair ... no cut though ...


Now that that is over with

I must say, I'm very glad that I took a few friends recommendation for a new gyno dr.

Dr. S was pleasant.

She was efficient, professional, QUICK and gentle.

She was done within minutes. Easy Peasy. Seriously, I was like, done??? Already? Wow that was quick!

What more could you ask for?

No scolding for the 10 plus years since I've had my last pap. Simple question as to "why now?" which I responded that all my girlfriends are on me about doing it :)

Got my mammo script. And a script for a ultrasound of uterus. Fun. Fun FUN! Uh huh, so looking forward to those! BUT at least I can get them done in the same place, hopefully the same day ...

So, ok, now that I sucked it up and went, please, for all of you who are in the same boat as me and NOT keeping up with your annual checkups ... please do. It's not all that scary after all :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Doctors, medical and health insurance

I finally have an appointment with the gynecologist for tomorrow morning. Can I tell you how excited I am about this? (NOT!)  But it's been quite a while and I suppose it's like getting your car tuned up, needs to be done periodically ...

Hubby has a follow up appointment with his doctor tomorrow also, but his is the follow up for his cholesterol. To "discuss the updated test result". It irritates us both that the doctor won't just discuss the results on the telephone (hello, this is Dr. so and so, your cholesterol sucks, you need to start watching what you eat a little more!).

So tomorrow, just for 10 minutes of a doctor's time, we will each pay $25.00. This is our co-pay for a regular doctor visit.

Yeah, I know, it's cheap compared to those who do NOT have health insurance. But remember that Hubby pays somewhere in the neighborhood of $400 a month for the THREE of us. This does NOT include Princess (who will be back on the plan January 1st, THANKFULLY!)

So back to the $25.00 co-pay. In the past 5 weeks, this will be Hubby's 3rd visit for the SAME thing. $75.00 total just to be told to continue taking his meds and cut out the fatty stuff. Oh. And exercise more. :)

BUT I'm glad at the moment that he IS going in tomorrow. He's been fighting something for a week now, tight, heavy chest, difficult to breathe, congested but nothing will relieve the pressure AND now his ear is all messed up. Poor baby. AND we leave in a WEEK!!!!

I'm walking around with a can of Lysol keeping a barrier around me!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Quick ... list of meals

In relation to my thoughts on going back to monthly menu planning and bi-weekly shopping, I've come up with the following quick ideas for dinners. Yeah, there aren't alot of side dishes and/or veggies listed, truthfully, those just aren't as important, I can always toss in some frozen veggies on the side!

1. BLT's
2. Quesidialla and black bean soup (a favorite - just had last night!)
3. Garlicky chicken and rice
4. pot roast (crockpot) with mashed taters and gravy
5. cuban pork and beans with rice
6. hot browns
7. taco soup
8. tacos and nachos
8 baked tater with works
9. spinach stuffed chicken breast
10. spaghetti and meatballs
11. chicken cesar pasta salad
12. chili cheese dogs with oven fries
13. burgers (sliders, whatever)
14. hot dogs (brats, sausage)
15. pizzas
16. pork chops and scallop taters
17. cubano sandwiches
18. pressed sandwiches (any kind) and pasta salad
19. baked tater soup
20. chili
21. grilled cheese and tomato soup
22. chicken stir fry
23. sausage and peppers
24. mac and cheese with smoked sausage
25. turkey with mashed taters and gravy
26. french onion soup
27. Macho Nachos (manly man food!)
28. wings and fries
29. grilled chicken
30. chicken parmsean
31. chicken picatta
32. chicken marsala
33. ramen shrimp packs
34. shrimp scampi
35. roast beef au jus
36. ropa vieja (with chicken)

and if I was smart"er" I would have grouped them together, such as baked tater bar and the next day or two would have been tater soup, or chili and then chili cheese dogs ... but this was suppose to be QUICK!

Amazing, I could probably make 95% of this stuff without a special trip to the store.

A few random thoughts

1. If I saved 30% of MY income alone, that would equal $9720 a year.

2. If I saved only 25% of MY income, it would still be $8160 a year. I would think that would be motivational?

3. Heck, even at 20% it would be $6,528 a year!

4. I have one credit card that I carry a balance on (the shame!). I’ve been using it to pay for Princess classes and books. Who would have thought even with state funding scholarship money it would still cost as much as it does. The books cost more than the classes! It doesn’t help that she’s starting medical classes either. Yes, she could help pay for the stuff, and does, but just not a lot as she’s not making much $ either right now. Figured it would take me 1.5 years to pay it off at $150.00 a month.

5. Using both the American Express and CASH to shop with is not working for me. It was for a while, but then I realize that the American Express bill is really high AND I don’t have that much money in the account left to pay the bill. So yeah, using both is NOT working.

6. The freezers and pantry really are full. I really need to get them under control. I need to just do it and stay out of the grocery stores. At least til the first of the year. Produce and dairy should be all I need (and bread) for the next week and then the few days when we get back from our trip. AVOID the sales paper and I heart publix site.

7. Menu plan for the month? Or just put together 25 recipes that we like and toss them together. I know I can pretty much make whatever we’d like as I have such an assortment of foods!

8. I need to declutter the house. Really. It’s making me edgy and mean to be around. Same with my desk at work (ACK!)

9.  I need to clear out the coupons. IF I don't shop anymore really through the end of the year, most, if not all of the coupons will be expired. ... it pains me to think this but I need to STAY OUT OF THE STORES!

Just a few random things swirling around in my pea-size brain!

Heading North

This will be the first Christmas in over 25 years that we will be North with the whole family. We are quite excited.

Of course, the weather is just the exact opposite of what we are used to on Christmas. Actually, at the moment, the state and city that we are heading to is under a blizzard warning AND state of emergency. Which makes it all the more exciting since the kids have only seen snow 2 or 3 times in their whole life!

So with that, we've been evaluating our clothing. Last night, I met the kids at the BIG mall and Macy's. I had coupons for $15 off $50 or $25 off $100 and so on. I figured, if each kid could find a WARM coat for $50 I'd be thrilled.

Well, we found coats for UNDER $50 but not a single northerly, wintery worthy type of coat to be found here in South Florida. WTF. So they will be layering. And today, here in South Florida, will be a test for the new coats as it's currently 37.5 degrees!!! Whoa! That's cold baby!

Then we have the luggage situation. We fly Southwest as it's non stop and easy peasy, lemon squeezy to get in and out of the airport with them. AND they allow you to bring TWO bags but we will only take one each. Of course, the bags will be HEAVY and stuffed full with thick heavy clothing (that I'm still piecing together!) but luckily, I have 2 roller dufflebags and 2 large roller suitcases (hubby travels frequently!)

I am hoping (frantically!) that we get the Urban Surburban when we arrive. But of course, I will take whatever we are offered (from the car rental place) since it will be a minimal fee (company perk!) ...

I need to gather my recipes that I want to take with me to cook ... not so sure how well the internet connection will be there (yes, it's fairly remote...Cable TV just arrived in the last year!).

But more than anything, I hope for SNOW. Please please PLEASE let there be snow. For me. For the kids. For Hubby. :) Sorry to all my family and friends there who are probably SICK of it by now!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Make It Happen (Happy) Monday

Another Monday has arrived and its time to put the list of things to do up!

Thanks again to Ammie for keeping me accountable (somewhat more so than before anyways!) by offering a link up to Make It Happen Monday ... guess this is what happens when you are Domestically Obsessed!

So, I need to keep my list short and sweet this week ... yeah right!

1. Meet kids at Macy's after work and get winter coats ... chilly here and reallllllly cold in the Midwest!
2. Remind boys at work that I'll be late on Thursday.
3. Set up bill pay for bills that came in (they just don't stop!)
4. Make deposits and balance accounts.
5. Get 12 year old's gift (or at least an IDEA!!)
6. Get drainer towels (rolling over from last week!)
7. Clean out fridges
8. Empty cooler from party (still outside, still has tons of ice and the thought of touching the stuff in there gave me shivers)
9. Laundry, iron & put away
10. Get out luggage and give to kids. Pack up the stuff they are taking!
11. Get kitty sitter lined up.
12. Set up menu plan and link up
13. Get work out plan linked up (slacking off on posting it ... sorry!)
14. Weigh self with Wii and either cheer or jeer
15. Pull recipes to take on trip
16. Remind Princess to get books for upcoming classes lined up and budget
17. Start working on 2011 savings goal
18. Same with budget plan
19. January menu plan? A whole month? New goal?

Ahhh...I think thats it ... of course there is always MORE to do (does it never end?!) but at least I have these to start with ... So how about it, are YOU going to Get Your Home On? Link on up with Ammie!

Menu Plan Monday's a chilly Monday morning here in South Florida ... 50 degrees and wind is blowing at about 20 mph out of the northwest. We are expected to get down in the 30's and even though a lot of you are already dealing with winter weather, it's way too early for us Floridians to experience this!

As we will be leaving in 10 days for a week, I am going to try and avoid the store with the exception of produce and milk.  So here is what I hope to be eating...if you are looking for other ideas, hop on over to Organizing Junkie's site ... 100's of others are linking up!

Monday - black bean soup and pressed sandwiches of sorts (could just end up with grilled cheese!)

Tuesday - Baked tater soup (so many different recipes to choose from!) and garlicky chicken 

Wednesday - chili cheese dogs and fries

Thursday - Dinner out with office

Friday - spinach stuffed chicken

Saturday - burgers or Salisbury steaks (depends on the weather!)

So there you have it ... nothing really exciting for the week but food is food :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm getting too old for this stuff

Another boat parade party has come and gone.

About 20 people total, including me and hubby.

2 bottles of Patron. Gone.

Unknown amount of Absolute. Gone. (I saw 3 bottles at one point)

2 bottles of wine. Gone.

Unknown number of bottles of beer (gasp, not everyone recycled!!!)

I have some snausages left. A little bit of lasagna. Some macaroni and cheese. Lot so rolls (not so good for this low carbin girl!). I'm eating the remainder of the greek salad as I type. 2 wings out of 60 (reserved for Princess) and I think that's about it.

Hangover? You betcha. But not the incapacitating type. Just tired and blah. Thankfully. I'm glad I said no to at least 3 rounds.

I've swept the whole house.

Cleaned all the dirty dishes and such (crocks are soaking in the sink to clean shortly). Bar area has been wiped down. Cooler emptying is the last thing to do.

Then I'm going to make me some popcorn in the whirly popper thing, grab a can of Coke and lay on the couch and watch Couples Retreat.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's officially over

The birthdays, that is.

Sonny Boy is 18. He got his ears pierced (!!!!)

Princess is 20. She didn't do anything special (oh, except met some friends at Coldstones)

Now we just have the boat parade party Saturday.

Company dinner next week.

And then travels.

I need to finish up and find something for my 12 year old neice. Anyone have any recommendations??

I feel so much older now. Yikes! My kids are no longer legally my responsibility. Oh. Hmmm. This COULD be good?

Thursday Workout - done!

Listed over here.

Cardio. Boxing. No special equipment needed. Just you!

Sweaty. Gasping for air (and I know to BREATHE!) ... definitely kicked my butt and it was all MINE!

Go on now, go get your heart rate up and get sweaty! Let me know how you did (I personally could not get my knees up consistently doing the high knee jog!).

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday workout - DONE

Here's what I did today for my workout ... Abs / Core and ugggg...I'm stiff.

Just so you know, I'm a REAL LIFE female, mid 40's with a desk job 40 hours a week. I'm not athletic whatsoever AND I HATE working out but realize that if I don't, I will be very very old before my time. My parents are both morbidly obese (over 300+ lbs) and it pains me to think that in their younger years they could have avoided some of what they are going through now had they made an attempt (Love you both mom and dad!).

I'm not a personal trainer or certified to do so. Nor am I a nutritionist (uh, that should be obvious) ... I'm simply sharing HOW I am working out and what I'm doing and HOW I feel about it :)

I do not belong to a gym and I'm trying to avoid joining one and incurring an expense that I know will be wasted money. I would however, consider joining some classes if I could find out where my old boxing instructor went to as I really liked his classes and way of training (Alberto, WHERE ARE YOU!?)

So hop on over here and see what I've been doing :) Thanks!

Freezer Update

I never did get around to the garage freezer inventory ... I should probably try to in the next few days huh?

So, heres what I've removed from the freezer in the past week or so:

2 pkg boneless skinless chicken breast
1 pkg of sirloin steaks
2 bags red/green peppers
1 bag of sliced onions
bag of broccoli
1/2 bag of shrimp
1 bag of brats
1 pkg italian chicken sausage
1 pkg cajun chicken sausage
1 pkg snausages

And of course, here's what I've added:
4 1lb pkgs ground turkey
1 pkg chicken sausage (not the same as above)
bag of fried turkey breast
ANOTHER bag of fried turkey breast (we did take out half a few days later for sandwiches)
2 pkgs snausages (not the same as above)
Pkg hot dogs buns
1/2 pkg hot dog buns

So am I making progress? Yeah, a little. But not as much as I'd like to be obviously. I need to stay F O C U S E D!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Make It Happen Monday

Every time I type that title, I aways type "Make It Happy Monday" :) Doh.

I'm having a horrible time typing as I'm WEAK from working out ... good Lord, what am I doing?? :) And yes, I did the sit ups that I realized I missed.

So, thanks to AMMIE over at Domestically Obsessed, I'm linking up again for my Monday list ...

1. CLEAN keyboard out on laptop.
2. Set up work out plan for week.
3. Post work out plan (or at least have them ready to post!)
4. Weigh self. Either be amazed or disappointed as required.
5. Post menu plan done!
6. Link to Organizing Junkie!
7. Take animals to Thrift stores first for warm clothes then target and mall (unfortunately, I probably missed the cold weather clothes as it's suppose to be in the 30/40 again tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday - bizarre!) This is for our trip to the Midwest.
8. Remind Sonny Boy to sign up for 01/22 SAT.
9. Get girls strainer towel for gifts.
10. Send Carmen thank you note for brutal sharing of crossfit program.
11. Drop off at Goodwill. Would be nice if I could put that with #7?
12. Set up bill pay.
13. Balance for remainder of month.
14. Clean out fridge for upcoming party on Saturday.
15. Discuss proposed food for Saturday. Not a big group so no problem.
16. Be thankful.

That's it. My list is not to bad BUT I do have the Boat Parade coming up Saturday night. We normally do a party party, but not this year as we aren't decorating (much to the Animals disappointment!).

So, have you been getting Your Home On? Hop on over to Domestically Obsessed and share! (OMG, my arms are like jelly and it's hard to control my fingers - don't be alarmed, its' just from the workout!!!!)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Mondays. They come around every 7 days....whether you like it or not! And of course, to ease my pain, I always, always, always try to link up with Menu Plan Mondays over with Organizing Junkie ... check it out, lots of other menus listed!

It's another fairly busy week ahead again ... Princess has her 20th birthday, Hubby comes back from his Dallas Trip, Boat Parade Party on Saturday ... and a few closings at work ... woohoo!!

Monday - tacos (meat in freezer already cooked)

Tuesday - Pasta chicken Cesar salad (granted it's going to be downright CHILLY here and I should make a HOT meal...)

Wednesday - Princess birthday (20!) - Black bean soup with veggie quesadillas

Thursday - leftovers and/or sandwiches

Friday - burgers (I'd like to get out early from work (?!) and have sliders for dinner since Hubby will be home this day too!)

Saturday - Boat Parade Party ... appetizers such as chicken wings, snasuages, spicy meatballs, cheese spread and crackers, bean dip, chips and dip and IF I'm ambitious, I'll make tater skins too ... usually we have a large party, this year maybe 10 to 15 people PLUS the animals (approximately 10 or so?) I will probably break down and buy a tray of lasagna (or see if my friend wants to bring the one that was forgotten about for this past Saturday) and macaroni and cheese.

Time for a Costco run

It's been a while since I've been to Costco. No biggie as I've been able to pick up milk at Aldi's for less than $2 which is nice. But this morning, I went. Uggg. I HATE going there on Sunday.

I had my list. And I deviated a bit. Well, a little more than a bit.

Paper towels $14.99
bottled water $3.45
2% milk $2.39 x 2
Half and half $1.69 x 3
Always $11.99
Tampax $11.99
5 lbs ground beef in 1 lb chubs (93/7% fat) $13.49 (never seen this before!)
ROC nighttime $28.99 less $7
ROC daytime $28.99 less $7 (hey, I'm bound and determined here to bypass a face lift!)
Carnation instant breakfast (at last!) $8.89 x 3
Dawn dishsoap $8.39
Large hand sanitizer for office $3.99
5 lbs tomatoes $7.49
10 lbs onion $5.99
Crumbled bacon $9.49
5 lb shredded cheddar cheese $12.89
blueberries $6.99
strawberries $6.99
Newmans grape juice $6.99
60 count swiss miss $5.49 (suppose to be in low 40's this week...brrrr)
4 lbs unsalted butter $8.99
twin pack nutella $8.89 (the animals are really liking this stuff!)
8 pk albacore tuna $11.99
36 count welch fruit snacks $9.99
Nutrigrain bars $10.99

Ok, first off, I bought 2 boxes of welch fruit snacks at Publix last week, 10 pkgs for $1.50. It took 3 pkgs go make 1 costco pkg (large bag). I figured that I was saving something like 80% buying it from Costco as the kids eat 2 or 3 of the little bags at a time. Ugggg!!!

Butter is expensive. I'm not sure where I missed that, along with cheese. WTF? I'm almost sorry I let my supply dry totally out.

Carnation Instant Breakfast has been elusive at Costco for the past 4 months. Again, vs buying it at Publix, I get a 10pk for $4.99, Costco has 30 pk for $8.89. No brainer yet again.

No mini sweet peppers OR romaine lettuce to be found. Which is how I got sidetracked by the beautiful yet overly expensive strawberries & blueberries (they better taste as good as they look!

Pads and tampons are always in need around here. Yes, I know I can probably get them cheaper but I've let my stockpile dwindle down and needed them...they were there, comparable price and mass quantity. :)

Oh, oh much did I spend? $268.88. Lovely.

Friday, December 3, 2010

I must be crazy

Who ELSE would say No/Low Carb for December??

Every single blog that I visit is all about cooking sweets for the holidays.


In the meantime, I'm fighting a major headache today. Could be the cold (we were 51 at the beach this morning!) or maybe carb/sugar withdrawal (day 5) ... I don't know.

But I feel so much "slimmer" not bloated ... at last!

Anyone else chosing to try a plan in the crazy month of December??

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sesame Beef (and Chicken) with Peppers Teriyaki

There are so many new recipes that I've gathered and am just dying to try ... I'm not sure how long I can hold out!  The beauty of this one for me is that I have everything in house to make ..

I got this one from an email from the College Inn website (you know, the chicken and beef broth people!) ... and of course, I've modified it to our taste...

2 cups beef broth (pantry)
2 cup jasmine rice (pantry)
4 tbs teriyaki sauce  (fridge, I used Tonton Hibachi Japanese Steak & BBQ Sauce with Sake!)
3 tbs cornstarch (pantry)
2 lb sirloin steak, sliced thin (freezer)
2 lb b/s chicken breast (freezer)
4 tbs sesame oil (pantry)
12 oz bag of broccoli florets (freezer)
Red bell pepper cut into strips (freezer, couldn't tell you how much but it was alot)
Onion, sliced (chunky wedge would have been better but I had sliced in the freezer because I have none - freezer)
A tsp scoop or so of minced garlic (fridge)
Sesame seeds, lightly toasted (pantry)

Toss rice into the rice cooker if you have, and water (per your instructions, otherwise, 2 cup rice and 2 1/2 cup broth in a pot on the stove). Cook as directed.  If you using plain rice, try to swap out water for broth IF you have enough. I didn't as I was using jasmine rice.

Combine broth, teriyaki sauce and cornstarch til combined.

In large skillet, cook steak and chicken in 2 batches with 1 tbs oil until browned, remove (remember, if you over cook the beef it will be chewy). Cook and stir broccoli, pepper, onion and garlic in remaining oil for about 3 minutes til crisp tender. Pour reserve broth mix into skillet, cook, stirring til thickened. Add meat and heat ... sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Serve over rice .... enjoy!

This was real good. I think next time, for me anyways, I would just do chicken as the only person who doesn't mind steak cooked in a skillet is Princess ... There is plenty of leftovers for lunch today!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1st

A new month!

The LAST month of the year! Oh NO! That means I have to start working on my 2011 goals, getting them lined up, put on a list, prioritized and goodness, make that plan. This is where my new buddy Ammie would come in :)

Not to mention, this is the time to really crack down and start saving for the end of the year festivities. We are traveling to see family and well, it shouldn't be a big deal, but apparently, it will be. Oh well, such is life and must be faced and dealt with directly.

So lets see ... I'm going to start with my December goals:

1. Lose 10 lbs. Ha. I know. Not realistic in the long run but it sure would be nice to at least get 5! I'm low carbing AND working out again. If you are so inclined to see my work out plan daily, check it out over here (please bear in mind, I'm NOT a professional trainer, nutritionist, etc., this is just stuff I've done in the past and I'm doing it MY way this time)

2. Exercise every stinkin DAY and post the plan and schedule on site

3. Continue eating from the freezer and pantry.

4. Budget for year. Be realistic. Give self some extra spending money for misc stuff (dinners out, thrift, etc.)

5. Start new saving plan for 2011 ($700 hard save or $500, or $600??)

6. Help Sonny Boy lined up to start working somewhere!

7. Evaluate what I can do to be a better spouse and friend. Seriously. I believe a few "minor" attitude adjustments may be needed. Just being honest!

So once I get a tentative budget in place, I'll post. I've done this before and it helped for a MONTH and then fell off the wayside. I do cash only for the majority of spending but still find myself tight and then, yes, the debit card comes out, but only to get more CASH. Uggg.

So, is everyone else getting ready for the big Holiday??