December 1st

A new month!

The LAST month of the year! Oh NO! That means I have to start working on my 2011 goals, getting them lined up, put on a list, prioritized and goodness, make that plan. This is where my new buddy Ammie would come in :)

Not to mention, this is the time to really crack down and start saving for the end of the year festivities. We are traveling to see family and well, it shouldn't be a big deal, but apparently, it will be. Oh well, such is life and must be faced and dealt with directly.

So lets see ... I'm going to start with my December goals:

1. Lose 10 lbs. Ha. I know. Not realistic in the long run but it sure would be nice to at least get 5! I'm low carbing AND working out again. If you are so inclined to see my work out plan daily, check it out over here (please bear in mind, I'm NOT a professional trainer, nutritionist, etc., this is just stuff I've done in the past and I'm doing it MY way this time)

2. Exercise every stinkin DAY and post the plan and schedule on site

3. Continue eating from the freezer and pantry.

4. Budget for year. Be realistic. Give self some extra spending money for misc stuff (dinners out, thrift, etc.)

5. Start new saving plan for 2011 ($700 hard save or $500, or $600??)

6. Help Sonny Boy lined up to start working somewhere!

7. Evaluate what I can do to be a better spouse and friend. Seriously. I believe a few "minor" attitude adjustments may be needed. Just being honest!

So once I get a tentative budget in place, I'll post. I've done this before and it helped for a MONTH and then fell off the wayside. I do cash only for the majority of spending but still find myself tight and then, yes, the debit card comes out, but only to get more CASH. Uggg.

So, is everyone else getting ready for the big Holiday??


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