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Menu Plan Week 117 - Using What We Have

Oh boy ... it's almost April!! W T F? How did that happen?


April signifies a potential Pantry/Freezer Challenge/Spending Freeze ... don't ask ... but Hubby was asking why NOT just a NO BUYING FOOD CHALLENGE?

Well, duh, we still need salad stuff, milk and eggs, for pete's sake! I've told the kids. I've told Hubby. I've told myself. I have NOT told my friends ... but maybe I should/will and see how we do for the month of April? I know it's Easter coming up but honestly, we like to do non-traditional things (the Boy is picky, the b/f is picky, you know, we have an odd household) ... so yeah, I think I WILL go for the NO BUYING FOOD CHALLENGE ... Not so much.  Milk? Yes (there would be public outcry, honestly). Produce? Yes. With limitations ... I can spend A LOT on produce. Eggs? Hmmm ... possibly. We DO go through a lot of eggs around here. Maybe I should buy more than the 5 dozen I just got from target at 99 cents a dozen? We'll see.

Good news is tha…

Chicken Cesar Pasta Salad

This is like my FAVORITE salad to make ... well, I suppose it's really in the top 5, I love my steak salad too ... and the Olive-Y Garden Salad, and the Cabbage Salad ...

Anyways ... this is ONE of my favorite salads, hows that?

And with Spring in the air for most of you, I figured why NOT share this again? It's so easy to do and surprisingly good!

Here's what you need:

Head of romaine lettuce, trimmed, washed and torn/cut into bite size pieces (if you were smart, you've already checked out the foodsaver tip!)
1 grilled chicken breast (I generally use a leftover one) cut into bite size pieces
a little bit of pasta, rigatoni or penne work best (cooked)
sprinkle of fresh Parmesan cheese
Cesar Dressing (I prefer Kens Light Cesar)

It's so easy. Dump all in large bowl. Mix well to coat evenly. Serve.

See that picture? That is made up of ALL leftovers ... the chicken was grilled for dinner a few nights ago, the salad stuff is ALWAYS prepped and ready to go ... the pasta wa…

Happy Hour Friday - Orange Dreamsicles

Ohh...I loved them things when I was a kid ... we would wait for the ice cream truck EVERY STINKIN SATURDAY and beg my parents for the quarter ... Pushups and Orange Dreamsicles were my favs ...

And even as an adult, if I'm given a choice, yes, I will have the pushup please :-) ... and LOOK, now I found an adult beverage that taste a LOT like a dreamsicle.

AND ...  it uses the WHIPPED vodka (thankfully as I do not want to drink it straight!) and I had a little bit left still in a bottle from a previous night of stupidity ... so grab that blue bottle of yumminess and get crackin!

2 oz whipped vodka (Pinnacle is what I have but I thought I saw another brand putting it out now)
2 oz orange juice (um, personally, I HATE pulp and would strongly discourage it in a cocktail)
2 oz lemon lime soda (I used sierra mist as that's what I had on hand)
splash of grenadine

Umm....easy. Add ice to a large shaker or glass. Pour in the ingredients. Stir or shake (I personally am a shaker so I sh…