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Turkeys and Hams

Winn Dixie has turkeys on sale for 69 cents per lb. As we fry 3 to 5 turkeys for Thanksgiving AND they should ideally be within the 10 to 12 pounds range, I thought I’d swing by early last Wendsday to see if they had any.

SCORE! I spent a little under $21 and here’s what I got:
12 lb turkey $8.xx
11 lb turkey $8.xx
2.5 lb brown sugar sliced ham $9.xx
2 lb brown sugar sliced ham (buy one get one free) $9.xx
2 bags of marshmallows $1 each
2 bags of dole salad, $1.25 each (unheard of!) with manager coupons of $1 off additional (25 cents EACH!!!)

So, I used two $2 off turkey coupons, two $1 off fresh pork, 50 cent off marshmallows, $1 off dole salad, and two $1 off manager special for salad.

Wow. I’m overly impressed. That means that I got the salad for free plus 50 cents. Spent $12 on 2 turkeys. Spent $2 per lb on the ham. Hubby and I had just talked about whether or not to do a honey baked ham for Christmas this year and we agreed no, that they were way too expensive nowadays and out…

Doctors, Hospitals and Xrays

The title may sound dramatic, but it's not.

Tried to refill my happy pills. The pharmacy just kept screwing it up so I had to make an appointment to see the doctor in order to get a refill.

I love my doctor. Really. She's easy to talk to, sweet, compassionate, and still has the passion for medicine. In otherwords, she's a young, fairly recent graduate. Also, pregnant. Getting ready to take a few months off come the first of the year to have her son.

So I see her. We talk. Tell her about the pharmacy screw up. Says that she no longer refills at the request of the pharmacy. They get paid when the fill a script. Then they get paid AGAIN when you pick up the script. Huh.

She looked at my bulging finger. Poked it a little. Said that she really wanted to xray it. Ok. Why. What do you think it is? Said it may be bone growth. Ok. Just what does that mean. And what do you do for it? Said that we would talk about that after the xray review. Huh.

See. It's my ring finger on my …

My daily quest to be perfect … continuously falls flat

1. Eat healthier. In all actuality, if we never get rid of all the candy, cookies, and such in the office, this will never ever happen.

2. Be happier. Never used to be a problem. But now, I am on day 4 without my new happy pills and well, it’s showing. Come on now. What are the chances that a pharmacy screws up the name of your doctor? Really. It happened. My bottle shows Dr. A and her name is really Dr. W. Makes me wonder if I even got the right medication.

3. Save money. Well. Hmmm. I suppose I could say that I do save money. But do NOT see it in the savings account.

4. Contribute 20% of each paycheck to the savings account. This is really a big thing for me. Should not be so difficult. I get 6 checks a month. Would add up nicely. Was up nicely. Then this happened. Then that happened. And well now, it just plain stinks. But at least I do have a savings account, just not enough to do anything with at the moment. I will attempt to do this again after the real estate taxes are paid …

Side trip to Goodwill

So I've been reading this blog lately called Beauty and Bedlam and it's inspired me to give my local goodwill another shot. One more.

Stopped by on my way home from work last night. Went straight to the 'boutique' area (which is just so much better organized) and ended up trying on about 20 skirts, which only one really fit and flattered me (whats up with that hippy stuff???) and the last thing that I had grabbed off the rack was this pink Loft dress. Ok. A) I am not a pink person and B) I am not a Loft kinda girl. But the dress was THE BEST thing! It was perfect for me. So very very perfect. Color. Fit. Style. Everything about it. Dress it up. Dress it down. Office. Out. Around the house. Anything I damn well please, this dress can accomodate. Woohoo.

Then when I came out & hung up the 19 skirts that didn't fit, flatter or whatever, I spied the shoe racks. Normally, I totally skip right past them shoes, they are just dusty, smelly and so not appealing BUT I sp…

Recent Happenings

I've been busy, life interferes, and so on.

Princess is in Arizona. They actually had snow the other morning. Actually, because she is a Florida Native, I believe it may have been more like sleet, but to her, it was snow!

Princess also has pneumonia and has been on 4 days rest. Which makes her very upset as she does not want to miss any of the crash course classes that are going on. I am worried as 3 days in to the zpac, she is still pretty darn sick and in pain. I keep asking if they are aware that she did not get the H1N1 vaccine since she was sick at that time too and they would not give it to her (I'm sort of thankful for that but can't help but wonder if maybe that is what she has with the aches and pains in her legs & such). She said she would guess they know that on her medical records. Ok.

We did our usual Halloween trot down to for the big Halloween contest. This time, my neighbor and I agreed to let the teens come along as long as they stayed with us. Ummm…