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Ending 2012

My thoughts have been all across the board lately. I sometimes wonder if I'm not talking out loud when my brain is having a conversation with itself. Anyone else ever have that? 2012 certainly has been a year to remember. Good and bad. I pretty much lost my brother. But gained my sister. My baby boy has grown into an even finer young man. My daughter is also growing into a fine young woman (curves and all). My father has adapted to his new 'home'. So much so that he has himself a "girl" named Rose. Who is a blessing in my eyes. I lost my Florida Mom, Joan in May. In return, however, I've gained her Husband, Mr. Bill, who I've always thought was a crabby old man. Turns out that's not the case IF he knows you ;) ... silly Mr. Bill! He has actually turned out to be a very kind, caring and generous neighbor. My Husband and I have had a few moments but have always come back, face to face. Like most couples, I suspect, its financial driven ..

Menu Plan - Week 1

Yup, I started over ... this would have been Week 53 but it's a new year, and well, I want a NEW start! So ... whats the deal, you ask? I'll tell you all about it ... I am going to continue trying to use what we have on hand. Yes, I do go to the grocery store, weekly, every 10 days, sometimes every 2 weeks. I ALSO shop at Costco every 4, 6, 8 weeks or so. But by menu planning, I at least have an idea of WHAT to make at any given time. Because when I do the plan, I mentally (and sometimes even write it in) what is where in the house (freezer, pantry, fridge) or if I specifically need to pick it up.  With the Fiscal Cliff stuff and the new year tax potential issues, it will be even MORE important, in my opinion, to properly plan ... I need to get back on track with the Sunday prepping for the week. I've fallen off that for the month of December so in my attempt to get back on track in more ways than one, I prepped a little today even though I've got a reduced work

Thai Style Salad with Shrimp

I believe this COULD be grain free/paleo ... just need to swap out the soy sauce for coconut amino's (and well, I've not gone there because I LOVE my soy sauce that I use). Original recipe found on Pinterest (of course) and slightly modified for our taste. I knew the minute I added the diced avocado and mango that Hubby wasn't going to be in love with it, but Princess and I devoured it, therefore, a HIT and keeper for us, but only for the girls ... Easy enough to do, and surprisingly, I pretty much eyeballed the dressing measurements as I was chatting with Princess while I made it and we were laughing ... a very fun moment was had between the two of us. Can I tell you what a relief it is that she grew into a fine young lady after those rough years we had? Makes me love her even more than I already do ... Ok, back to the recipe ... 1 bag of coleslaw mix ... the one with carrots and such in it 1 lb of cooked shrimp, if larger, cut in half or bite size (I

Menu Plan - Week 52 - The Week of Christmas

Merry Christmas to EVERYONE! At last ... it's here .... the day that Sonny Boy comes home ... the day that Hubby opens his eyes and momentarily realizes what life is REALLY about. The day that I weep ... I have no clue why ... but I do get very emotional on Christmas. I may have to make a doctors appointment to have this evaluated. I'm hoping not to make a spectacle of myself in front of my dads girl, Rose. Anyways. Its also time to Menu Plan ... just because it's the holidays is NO reason to be unprepared when it comes to food! Sunday - Sonny Boy home! He should be home by 10pm. I originally wanted to make Tacos but Hubby was feeling a little under the weather earlier, so we opted to do tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches (hey, it's been COLD here) Monday - Christmas Eve ... family tradition is McDonalds today or tomorrow. I'm opting for today ... Hubby h a t e s that we do this, but every since the kids were little we've done it ... so the fa

Costco Time

I've been wanting to get out to Costco all month long but just have not had the time nor the funds ... but heck, Saturday, I told Hubby I was going ... was hoping he'd come along too ... but noooooo thank you, said the Man. So off I went on my own. I had a list. Fairly detailed too. AND I stayed away from the interior section ... you know, where all that STUFF that sucks you in is at ... what sort of excellent gift opportunities did I miss, I wonder? I will never ever know ... and I'm fine with that. So, with my trusty list and the American Express card, I shopped. I ran over a few souls that were wandering from sample station to sample station and may have even snatched a hawain roll with ham out of an unsuspecting shoppers' hand ... or may be not ... I opted out of a few items as the quality or price were not what I expected ... I'm always disappointed when the price goes up quite noticeably but it's the way the economy is rolling now days ... 35 pk bo

Potato Soup - Crockpot Style

*This is a repost from a while back ... since it's getting cool out again (well, not HERE), time to get the Soup On! Not to mention, Princess is going to be in a non chewing mode for a few days at least with the 4 extractions taking place on Tuesday ... what better time than now to make a soup for her! The original recipe is here . AND this is how I do mine ... 1 large bag of frozen, shredded hash browns. I have to hide them in the very back of the freezer as Hubby automatically assumes that its breakfast food (b1g1 this week at Publix) 2 cartons (32 oz each) of chicken stock (pantry, Costco buy) 1 can cream o' chicken soup (pantry, real deal, campbell) 1/2 onion, chopped fine (fridge, who doesn't have an onion?) 1/4 tsp ground black pepper (pantry) 1 8oz pkg of cream cheese (fridge, bought last week for another recipe ... keep an eye out) Sorry, apparently NO FAT will not melt, so don't use unless you want clumpy stuff Optional for topping: bacon bits