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Grocery Shops in Review #3

Did you miss me last week?

That's because I didn't step foot in a grocery store ONCE! That last Costco trip was enough to get me through the week and then some ;-)

Mark is back home so we are back to eating regular foods and meals again so yeah, there were a few stops to be made!

Aldi - January 22, 2019
Total Spent - $14.97

3 boxes of coffee kpods $4.99 each
Can you believe I walked out with that and nothing else? Believe me, I was standing in line thinking: oh eggs! oh, bread (for Mark)! oh, oh so many things I could buy! Nope!

Publix - January 24, 2019
Total Spent - $34.11

Mark called for me to pick up milk so I did ... and then some.

2 heads iceberg lettuce $.99 each
loaf of bread $3.49
hot dog buns $2.50
hamburger buns $2.50
milk $3.79
nail polish remover $1.19
hair clips $3.09
2 coffee creamers $2.00 each
mini key lime pie $4.49
green onions $1.49
matchstick carrots $2.19
celery sticks $2.59

I'm rather impressed with myself that I've only spent about $45 for TWO WEEKS…

Grocery Shops In Review #2

Hi! Looky that, a 2nd Grocery Shop in Review post!

Hubby is traveling this week and returns on the 20th (left Wednesday after his infusion) ... I'm out of the #tinycondo on Friday and Saturday next week to babysit the baby boy (ok, so he's a year old now!) while Princess and her man go to a wedding ... so really, I shouldn't be needing this much food, right?!


Costco - 1/5/2019
Total Spent - $315.63

First off, there are a LOT of non-food items on here but because I don't really break down my household/food budget (hah, who are we kidding, FOOD BUDGET??) I'm putting it all out there ... and more than anything, you might see something that seems like a good deal to you!

50 pk hangers - $12.99 less $3 (I'll share a picture of my before and after closet just for kicks)
OralB Smart Electric Toothbrush (2 pk) $149.99 less $50
12 pc (4 plates, 4 salad bowls, 4 cereal bowls) $14.99 (perfect for what we need!)
15 pounds of baking taters $6.99 (the Boy will come take …

Meal Prep and Menu Planning #1

I'm bringing back an OLD favorite of mine ... Meal Prep and Menu Planning!

I think I can pull this off ;-)

Sunday - pork chops and baked potatoes! Chops were picked up at Costco on Saturday as were the taters. The fixings for the taters are all in the fridge already ... I have a TON of foil to be used up as it's taking up way too much space in the #tinykitchen

Monday - paninis ... using up the leftover lunch meat and cheese that's hanging around in the fridge and needs to either be used up or tossed ... to prove my point, I'm going to pull out the Cuisinart Griddler ... if it doesn't cut it, to the donate/kids box it goes #tinykitchen

Tuesday - most likely out as Hubby flies out Wednesday morning

Wednesday - whee ... I'm a single girl! I'm thinking BLT Boats ... bacon in fridge, I have a head of iceberg that I'm hopeful will make it to this day ...

Thursday - looking at a Teriyaki Chicken recipe for the crockpot ... we'll see but I think I have ever…

Grocery Shops in Review #1

Hey! I'm back!

Well, sort of ... but I do know a lot of you still stop by to check out some of my old Grocery Shops in Review posts (who knew that was such a popular subject??) so I figured, what the heck: New Year New Budget!

A quick update:

Mark is still undergoing chemo for Esophageal Cancer. He is on his 3rd type of treatment: Taxol and something else, every other week. I believe it's happening and hopefully he will be able to tolerate the side effects for a while as the 4th line is not that successful in keeping things at bay. The last scan at the beginning of November showed the cancer had not spread, but the tumors were all larger than when initially diagnosed. That stunk.

We sold the house, finally. Bought a little condo and JUST moved in a few weeks ago after some extensive remodeling. Certainly a big adjustment. The Boy is out on his own and well, it's an adjustment all around! And I'm still working on the new blog over here ...

Ok ... let's get to the pu…