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Soothing the Hands

My hands have really, really been bothering me again ... thanks to what I assume to be a flare up. So much so that the past week I've gone back to popping 2 Aleves in the morning with my breakfast on a daily basis. Not at all happy about that but it relieves the pain enough that I can function.

I know, I'm going back and forth as to whether or not to believe the doctor. It doesn't say much that I've stopped taking the medication almost a year ago. AND I do know that watching what I eat definitely improves the overall discomfort. I just need to keep remembering that when I crave something that I KNOW doesn't help (hello Ruffles, I'm talking to YOU).

So I a few days ago, I went back and did something that I've not done in quite a while.

Yes, I DID do it consistently for oh, about, 2 months. Then life stepped in and got busy and I got distracted and just set aside that nightly routine.

Hand Scrubbing. Which really, should be Hand Soothing.

Baking soda and Coconut O…

Week 13 Menu Plan - Using What We Have

Last weeks plan was a pretty big failure:

Monday my dad went back in the hospital and was released on Thursday ... thought it was his gallbladder, in the end, 'suspect underlying heart disease and divirculitis' ... imagine that? 4 days and all those tests and that's what the verdict is? I could have told them that in the beginning.

Of course, sitting in the ER for 5 hours in freezing cold air conditioning made my nose start running. Oh, wait, Tuesday morning arrived the next wave of this $*!#@ cold. Uggg. At last, a week later, I'm feeling better. I feel like I've been sick more than healthy so far this year.

So following the menu last week took a back seat. I think I only ate dinner one night. Not a good plan. Then Hubby started coming down with it Saturday, just when I was starting to think of cooking again. :(

This week appears to be a pretty laid back week for me though ... Hubby is in Detroit Monday to Friday ... Princess has a fairly heavy work week, I think, so …

Philly Cheesesteak ... Peppers

At last, the long awaited stuffed pepper recipe I kept referring to in my menu plans ...

I finally made them!

And they were everything and more.

Hubby has requested I do this again ... he liked that they were flavorful and healthy ... only requested that I cook the peppers more next time (they were firm and crunchy still)

It's pretty easy ... and now I want to make them AGAIN ... but need to find an alternative to the roast beef.  I figured this recipe, that fed the two of us for dinner only, cost about, oh, $11 or so. Yeah. Not frugal whatsoever. My latest quest is to find a roast beef recipe that will have the same characteristics as deli roast beef ... wish me luck and offer up any suggestions you might have!

So here we go ...

2 larger green peppers, cut in half and de-seeded
12 oz or so of roast beef, cut into thin strips
8 slices of provolone cheese
1 large sweet onion, thin sliced
1 pkg of mushrooms, sliced.
1 clove of garlic, minced

Saute the shrooms, onions and garlic for about 20 m…