Doctors, medical and health insurance

I finally have an appointment with the gynecologist for tomorrow morning. Can I tell you how excited I am about this? (NOT!)  But it's been quite a while and I suppose it's like getting your car tuned up, needs to be done periodically ...

Hubby has a follow up appointment with his doctor tomorrow also, but his is the follow up for his cholesterol. To "discuss the updated test result". It irritates us both that the doctor won't just discuss the results on the telephone (hello, this is Dr. so and so, your cholesterol sucks, you need to start watching what you eat a little more!).

So tomorrow, just for 10 minutes of a doctor's time, we will each pay $25.00. This is our co-pay for a regular doctor visit.

Yeah, I know, it's cheap compared to those who do NOT have health insurance. But remember that Hubby pays somewhere in the neighborhood of $400 a month for the THREE of us. This does NOT include Princess (who will be back on the plan January 1st, THANKFULLY!)

So back to the $25.00 co-pay. In the past 5 weeks, this will be Hubby's 3rd visit for the SAME thing. $75.00 total just to be told to continue taking his meds and cut out the fatty stuff. Oh. And exercise more. :)

BUT I'm glad at the moment that he IS going in tomorrow. He's been fighting something for a week now, tight, heavy chest, difficult to breathe, congested but nothing will relieve the pressure AND now his ear is all messed up. Poor baby. AND we leave in a WEEK!!!!

I'm walking around with a can of Lysol keeping a barrier around me!


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