Freezer Update

I never did get around to the garage freezer inventory ... I should probably try to in the next few days huh?

So, heres what I've removed from the freezer in the past week or so:

2 pkg boneless skinless chicken breast
1 pkg of sirloin steaks
2 bags red/green peppers
1 bag of sliced onions
bag of broccoli
1/2 bag of shrimp
1 bag of brats
1 pkg italian chicken sausage
1 pkg cajun chicken sausage
1 pkg snausages

And of course, here's what I've added:
4 1lb pkgs ground turkey
1 pkg chicken sausage (not the same as above)
bag of fried turkey breast
ANOTHER bag of fried turkey breast (we did take out half a few days later for sandwiches)
2 pkgs snausages (not the same as above)
Pkg hot dogs buns
1/2 pkg hot dog buns

So am I making progress? Yeah, a little. But not as much as I'd like to be obviously. I need to stay F O C U S E D!


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