A few random thoughts

1. If I saved 30% of MY income alone, that would equal $9720 a year.

2. If I saved only 25% of MY income, it would still be $8160 a year. I would think that would be motivational?

3. Heck, even at 20% it would be $6,528 a year!

4. I have one credit card that I carry a balance on (the shame!). I’ve been using it to pay for Princess classes and books. Who would have thought even with state funding scholarship money it would still cost as much as it does. The books cost more than the classes! It doesn’t help that she’s starting medical classes either. Yes, she could help pay for the stuff, and does, but just not a lot as she’s not making much $ either right now. Figured it would take me 1.5 years to pay it off at $150.00 a month.

5. Using both the American Express and CASH to shop with is not working for me. It was for a while, but then I realize that the American Express bill is really high AND I don’t have that much money in the account left to pay the bill. So yeah, using both is NOT working.

6. The freezers and pantry really are full. I really need to get them under control. I need to just do it and stay out of the grocery stores. At least til the first of the year. Produce and dairy should be all I need (and bread) for the next week and then the few days when we get back from our trip. AVOID the sales paper and I heart publix site.

7. Menu plan for the month? Or just put together 25 recipes that we like and toss them together. I know I can pretty much make whatever we’d like as I have such an assortment of foods!

8. I need to declutter the house. Really. It’s making me edgy and mean to be around. Same with my desk at work (ACK!)

9.  I need to clear out the coupons. IF I don't shop anymore really through the end of the year, most, if not all of the coupons will be expired. ... it pains me to think this but I need to STAY OUT OF THE STORES!

Just a few random things swirling around in my pea-size brain!


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