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Getting Caught In The Wind

We've had that storm, DEBBIE off the west coast for oh, what, 5 days or so? Luckily (for me), I live in SOUTH Florida so we got all the rain and stuff on Saturday and Sunday as she went north ... still getting a few rain bands here and there but nothing like those up in the Panhandle.

But that's not what this is about!

Friday, met my dad at the doctors to discuss his sudden weakness and inability to walk or stand for more than a few minutes. Odd. She told us to go the ER and have him checked out.

Honestly? I was perturbed. Come on Dad, tough it up and just do it. I know. Sad. But I was having a rough week at work, busy and well, this just was NOT fitting into my plans.

So off we went to the ER. They ran every test possible on him. Admitted him as his blood pressure was a constant 224/156. Not good. His INR (from blood thinner) was at 4.6, so even if he was suffering a stroke, not so sure they could have done anything.

So I got home at 1pm. Following day, call the hospital. The…

Mayo ...

Who would have thought?

4 (I think I should learn to count!) 5 ingredients equals that $6 tub of mass produced mayonnaise?


And it's so easy, even a Caveman can do it! I was so VERY psyched that this worked not only on my FIRST try, but the second time around too!

A few things that were pointed out at the site where I got the recipe which really does bear repeating:

Patience is key.

Room temperature ingredients.

And S L O W L Y drizzle the oil in ... you will definitely hear the difference in the processor once it starts to come together.

Did I tell you how giddy I was that it WORKED?????

I was a little upset that it was 'greenish' though. I didn't have 'light' olive oil the first time, only extra virgin (who uses anything else??) ... but it's ok ... Hubby loves the taste of olives and olive oil so he will eat it up.

Note: The 2nd time, I used the extra light olive oil, not extra virgin (fortunately, it was on sale b1g1f so yippee!). The color is much nic…

Menu Plan Monday - Week 24

Sonny Boy is STILL here ... so that sort of changes the menu a week bit.

We are still trying to use what we have on hand, but of course, there was a Costco trip this weekend, a quick stop at Aldi's for my Dad on Sunday and Friday had a stop at Publix. All in all? A LOT. The Costco trip had a lot of NON FOOD related items (hair/shaver thing for the Boy, griddle for Hubby, 2 stainless steel tiki lamps, and a few other things) ...

Hoping for a simple week, a better attitude, better choices AND cooler weather so I can exercise a bit more outside ...

Sunday - Chicken (thighs), peppers, onions, shrooms and cherry tomato kabobs (with teriyaki sauce)

Monday - Simple Wedge Salad (plan on making my dressing tonight!)

Tuesday - Taco Salad

Wednesday - burgers (griddle or grill?) (hope to finally post the almond flour biscuit recipe)

Thursday - Mac and Cheese with Smoked Sausage (ummm....IF I have any in the freezer!)

Friday - chicken on the grill with veggies

Saturday - Hubby's choice ..…

Happy Hour Friday - Lemon Drops

I like my Lemon Drops PLAIN. Don't mix up that sugar or rim the glass PLEASE. I prefer mine as a shot for that very reason. We call these Girl Power shots in my house (it's about the girls gathering around the bar and shooing the men off ... amazing how they all just come out of the woodwork when they see females lining up the glasses) and I'm really excited to try and make them in a jello shot form very soon this summer!

The KEY to making a GOOD lemon drop is the chill factor. It has to be cold otherwise your throat will try to close up which will cause you to gasp, inhale the wrong way, and cough violently the remainder of the evening. Been there, done that and I can assure you, you DON'T want to do that!

I've also drank way too many of these a few times, so definitely pace yourself. YOU may not think your getting toasted, but all those around you will KNOW you are getting toasted.  :) Just saying!

I have tons of shot glasses but the Barcardi set is always on the…

Black Bean Quesidillas

It was suppose to be TACO SALAD night ... and I was excited about the new recipe to try ... but alas, I had to run out west (40 minutes from my office in pouring rain) to drop off some meds for my dad, did a quick stop at Aldis and then in between all that, Princess was calling to tell me her car would NOT start at the store. Thankfully (perhaps?) Hubby had chosen NOT to go to the gym, so he went and took care of her and the car.

Needless to say, by the time I got home at 8:30pm, they came straggling in after me and still not finished with the car. So I decided, at the last minute, to make something else.

Ummm. Not a 'big' deal, as this said it was quick and easy. Yes, it was. And yes, there are things I would do differently:

For instance:

1. Spread the cheese spread on inside of tortilla instead of trying to add after the fact
2. Drain beans more (I only drained the top bit off)
2. More seasonings needed in beans
3. Less bean mix in the quesidilla as they really spread while cookin…