Now that that is over with

I must say, I'm very glad that I took a few friends recommendation for a new gyno dr.

Dr. S was pleasant.

She was efficient, professional, QUICK and gentle.

She was done within minutes. Easy Peasy. Seriously, I was like, done??? Already? Wow that was quick!

What more could you ask for?

No scolding for the 10 plus years since I've had my last pap. Simple question as to "why now?" which I responded that all my girlfriends are on me about doing it :)

Got my mammo script. And a script for a ultrasound of uterus. Fun. Fun FUN! Uh huh, so looking forward to those! BUT at least I can get them done in the same place, hopefully the same day ...

So, ok, now that I sucked it up and went, please, for all of you who are in the same boat as me and NOT keeping up with your annual checkups ... please do. It's not all that scary after all :)


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