Time for a Costco run

It's been a while since I've been to Costco. No biggie as I've been able to pick up milk at Aldi's for less than $2 which is nice. But this morning, I went. Uggg. I HATE going there on Sunday.

I had my list. And I deviated a bit. Well, a little more than a bit.

Paper towels $14.99
bottled water $3.45
2% milk $2.39 x 2
Half and half $1.69 x 3
Always $11.99
Tampax $11.99
5 lbs ground beef in 1 lb chubs (93/7% fat) $13.49 (never seen this before!)
ROC nighttime $28.99 less $7
ROC daytime $28.99 less $7 (hey, I'm bound and determined here to bypass a face lift!)
Carnation instant breakfast (at last!) $8.89 x 3
Dawn dishsoap $8.39
Large hand sanitizer for office $3.99
5 lbs tomatoes $7.49
10 lbs onion $5.99
Crumbled bacon $9.49
5 lb shredded cheddar cheese $12.89
blueberries $6.99
strawberries $6.99
Newmans grape juice $6.99
60 count swiss miss $5.49 (suppose to be in low 40's this week...brrrr)
4 lbs unsalted butter $8.99
twin pack nutella $8.89 (the animals are really liking this stuff!)
8 pk albacore tuna $11.99
36 count welch fruit snacks $9.99
Nutrigrain bars $10.99

Ok, first off, I bought 2 boxes of welch fruit snacks at Publix last week, 10 pkgs for $1.50. It took 3 pkgs go make 1 costco pkg (large bag). I figured that I was saving something like 80% buying it from Costco as the kids eat 2 or 3 of the little bags at a time. Ugggg!!!

Butter is expensive. I'm not sure where I missed that, along with cheese. WTF? I'm almost sorry I let my supply dry totally out.

Carnation Instant Breakfast has been elusive at Costco for the past 4 months. Again, vs buying it at Publix, I get a 10pk for $4.99, Costco has 30 pk for $8.89. No brainer yet again.

No mini sweet peppers OR romaine lettuce to be found. Which is how I got sidetracked by the beautiful yet overly expensive strawberries & blueberries (they better taste as good as they look!

Pads and tampons are always in need around here. Yes, I know I can probably get them cheaper but I've let my stockpile dwindle down and needed them...they were there, comparable price and mass quantity. :)

Oh, oh much did I spend? $268.88. Lovely.


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