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Costco ... Again!

Yeah, there was another Costco trip made on a Wednesday night!

Of course, had to drive Brutus since the Tahoe took a dive last night on my way, yes, to Costco ... I was about 2 miles from there when I noticed a HUGE plume of smoke behind me when I left a stoplight ... ummm, hey, is that ME??? Yup, it certainly was. Red stuff just gushing out underneath. Wouldn't you know, Hubby is out of town?? Called tow truck, told them to take it to Lee's Auto and well, heck, I'll call him in the morning and let him know the baby is coming in yet again! Good grief. Long story short, thankfully, it's not the transmission (and thankfully, I pulled over IMMEDIATELY when I saw something wasn't right) ... just a hose that blew off, but the clamp is still attached which means .... they didn't connect it  correctly the LAST time it was there (end of August, after the roadtrip to take Sonny Boy to school) ... curious as to how much this is going to cost ...

So anyways, I was bound …

Pumpkin Pancakes - Grain Free

Hubby is traveling again this week and I really want to try a few new recipes while he's gone ... so I'm digging out the Practical Paleo book and whipping up the pancakes found on page 242 ...

The appeal? Honestly, I have everything in house to make them AND maybe, just maybe, they will help with my craving for something sweet and luscious. Uggg.

Did I tell you that I am NOT a big fan of pumpkin. Well, with the exception of the Pumpkinhead beer ... and it's a small miracle that I even have canned pumpkin in the pantry (but NO pumpkin spice which I discovered at the last second, hence the ginger and nutmeg) ... this whole new eating habit could be a little worrisome to the outside visitor!

Ok, so here's how I did it ... you want the real recipe? You will have to buy the book ... this is real close though!

3 eggs, lightly whisked, I used 3 because mine are extra large Costco size eggs :)
1/2 cup canned pumpkin
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 tbs maple syrup
1 pinch of nutmeg
1 …

Menu Plan - Week 39

Fast approaching Week 40 ... whoa!

Hubby flies out Monday, returning Friday evening ... so really, I could just say forget about a menu plan but I won't ... I still like to think I have a plan, regardless of how real life sets in! Yes, the Princess is still in existence, but between her 2 jobs and classes, she's not home a whole lot.

Still trying to use what's on hand for the most part ... things are starting to get a little emptier in spots, and I'm glad that I've come across some deals on meat ... this new healthier eating stuff can take a toll on the budget if I'm not on top of my game!

I have 10 lbs of 90/10 ground beef in the freezer that I picked up last week for a decent price. It's all divided up into 1 lb and 1/2 lb packages and then I used the food saver on them ...

I also picked up some roast beef (lunchmeat) that was pretty darn cheap and have that frozen ... now I just need to get caught up on chicken situation ...

I've got a LOT of recip…

Tomato Soup

Gosh, I know I've been busy, but all of a sudden, I can't find my Ruby Red Shiner Beer and have resorted to Land Shark Shipyard Pumpkinhead stuff ... yummy delicious too, but geesh, I was really diggin the summer ale stuff ...

And then I realized. We just celebrated Labor Day weekend and I've been politely reminded that I need to put away my white sandals along with my white slacks until next summer ... because, apparently, September signals the preparation of ... FALL.

No way. It's still like 90 degrees here.

Oh wait. I do NOT fall in to that four seasonal thingy ... I live in Paradise, and well, it's summertime all year around here! Just too bad I didn't stockpile the Ruby Red stuff ... hindsight.

So regardless ... because it is, sort of, approaching fall, and you all know that I'm trying to eat a little healthier, and well, it's a rainy dreary day ... I pulled this recipe out of of my bookmarked recipes from like, a year ago ... nice, huh?

Pretty co…