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Life is Moving Fast

Raise your hands if you are in shock that it's MAY!

Seriously! The fifth month of the new year, already?

I just celebrated my 54th birthday.

Baby Nolan just turned 4 months old ... he'll be here when he's hitting his 5th month!

Mark just finished up his 5th round of chemo, which means he's been dealing with all that loveliness for 10 weeks ...

We are approaching our 5 month diagnosis period. Odd, it feels like it just happened yesterday, yet it's gotten to the point where I can talk about it and not immediately tear up. Some days.

I stopped crying for a while there. And then I realized, it was late April and how fast life was moving. It made me extremely sad so I started crying daily, again. Serves absolutely NO purpose, let me tell you.

All I want is a PAUSE button. It's not that I want to stop the process, because I know I can't. But I would like to be able to stop and enjoy some moments more than others. That's what happens when you know your soul ma…