Make It Happen (Happy) Monday

Another Monday has arrived and its time to put the list of things to do up!

Thanks again to Ammie for keeping me accountable (somewhat more so than before anyways!) by offering a link up to Make It Happen Monday ... guess this is what happens when you are Domestically Obsessed!

So, I need to keep my list short and sweet this week ... yeah right!

1. Meet kids at Macy's after work and get winter coats ... chilly here and reallllllly cold in the Midwest!
2. Remind boys at work that I'll be late on Thursday.
3. Set up bill pay for bills that came in (they just don't stop!)
4. Make deposits and balance accounts.
5. Get 12 year old's gift (or at least an IDEA!!)
6. Get drainer towels (rolling over from last week!)
7. Clean out fridges
8. Empty cooler from party (still outside, still has tons of ice and the thought of touching the stuff in there gave me shivers)
9. Laundry, iron & put away
10. Get out luggage and give to kids. Pack up the stuff they are taking!
11. Get kitty sitter lined up.
12. Set up menu plan and link up
13. Get work out plan linked up (slacking off on posting it ... sorry!)
14. Weigh self with Wii and either cheer or jeer
15. Pull recipes to take on trip
16. Remind Princess to get books for upcoming classes lined up and budget
17. Start working on 2011 savings goal
18. Same with budget plan
19. January menu plan? A whole month? New goal?

Ahhh...I think thats it ... of course there is always MORE to do (does it never end?!) but at least I have these to start with ... So how about it, are YOU going to Get Your Home On? Link on up with Ammie!


  1. Oh girl, you should totally try the monthly menu plan thing!


    Just sayin'...:D

  2. Hey Jan! Great list, and I am cracking up about you not wanting to touch that cooler! LOL. I got the best visual. Hope your coat shopping goes well and you get to cheer for your weigh in! Have an awesome week and thanks so much for linking up!

  3. Great reminder about at least thinking about financial/saving goals for 2011!


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