I'm getting too old for this stuff

Another boat parade party has come and gone.

About 20 people total, including me and hubby.

2 bottles of Patron. Gone.

Unknown amount of Absolute. Gone. (I saw 3 bottles at one point)

2 bottles of wine. Gone.

Unknown number of bottles of beer (gasp, not everyone recycled!!!)

I have some snausages left. A little bit of lasagna. Some macaroni and cheese. Lot so rolls (not so good for this low carbin girl!). I'm eating the remainder of the greek salad as I type. 2 wings out of 60 (reserved for Princess) and I think that's about it.

Hangover? You betcha. But not the incapacitating type. Just tired and blah. Thankfully. I'm glad I said no to at least 3 rounds.

I've swept the whole house.

Cleaned all the dirty dishes and such (crocks are soaking in the sink to clean shortly). Bar area has been wiped down. Cooler emptying is the last thing to do.

Then I'm going to make me some popcorn in the whirly popper thing, grab a can of Coke and lay on the couch and watch Couples Retreat.


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