Make It Happen Monday (Happy!)

We are so lucky that Ammie over at Domestically Obsessed has started a little Monday morning linky called Make It Happen Monday ... it keeps you a little more accountable for your to do list!

For me, I really only have a few days to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Meaning, I fly out at the crack of dawn Wednesday ... so I really only have TODAY and TOMORROW to get my s*it together. Ack!

1. Laundry, iron and put away
2. Get kids to do their putting away (geesh, whats with the CLEAN laundry monster??)
3. Pack. Get kids to lay out their clothes by day with surety of extra outfit for Eve & Day AND snowmobile night (the clothes will smell of exhaust)
4. Double check MY bag (as I'm the last one!)
5. Make sure gifts are along in carry on.
6. Grab list to put in carry on AND bag. (this way I'm sure I don't forget!)
7. Get kitty food and litter for the cats. Check in with Lins.
8. Clear out fridge
9. Trash to street, check with J on bring up when done
10. Double check laptop connects well and efficiently to work computers
11. Set up out of office assistant (please work this time!) at office
12. Go over basic stuff with boys (can you believe it, I have 4 closings the 4 official business days I'm gone?? Who in the heck buys a house right before Christmas??)
13. Relax

AHHH....number 13 will be difficult to do ... I realize when I wake up this morning that I shouldn't have taken a whole day off on Saturday. Luckily Hubby was feeling better and cleaned the whole house, top to bottom for me ... of course, we find out after the fact (thanks Nurse H, my girlfriend!) that the steroids the doc prescribed for him were the reason for his unheard of energy. He put them away after that! We just never thought they'd do that ... 2 days worth and he felt 100% better from being so darn sick all week.

So are you going to Get Your Home On? Hop on over and link up with Ammie!


  1. Hey Jan! I am not sure if you tried yet, but your link is not showing up yet. This looks like an awesome list and I want everyone else to see it, so let me know if you are not able to link up and I'll redo my linky thingee.

    Have an awesome, awesome week!

  2. Hey Ammie, thanks ... I posted it before you had it up :) Linking now ... thanks!!

  3. Yaaaaay!!!! It's up! woo hoo! Thanks so much for linking up, Jan! I love that you come every MOnday! You are so awesome!

  4. It always seems extra stressful to travel during the holidays, but you certainly seem organized! I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season!


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