Menu Plan Monday

Mondays. They come around every 7 days....whether you like it or not! And of course, to ease my pain, I always, always, always try to link up with Menu Plan Mondays over with Organizing Junkie ... check it out, lots of other menus listed!

It's another fairly busy week ahead again ... Princess has her 20th birthday, Hubby comes back from his Dallas Trip, Boat Parade Party on Saturday ... and a few closings at work ... woohoo!!

Monday - tacos (meat in freezer already cooked)

Tuesday - Pasta chicken Cesar salad (granted it's going to be downright CHILLY here and I should make a HOT meal...)

Wednesday - Princess birthday (20!) - Black bean soup with veggie quesadillas

Thursday - leftovers and/or sandwiches

Friday - burgers (I'd like to get out early from work (?!) and have sliders for dinner since Hubby will be home this day too!)

Saturday - Boat Parade Party ... appetizers such as chicken wings, snasuages, spicy meatballs, cheese spread and crackers, bean dip, chips and dip and IF I'm ambitious, I'll make tater skins too ... usually we have a large party, this year maybe 10 to 15 people PLUS the animals (approximately 10 or so?) I will probably break down and buy a tray of lasagna (or see if my friend wants to bring the one that was forgotten about for this past Saturday) and macaroni and cheese.


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