Heading North

This will be the first Christmas in over 25 years that we will be North with the whole family. We are quite excited.

Of course, the weather is just the exact opposite of what we are used to on Christmas. Actually, at the moment, the state and city that we are heading to is under a blizzard warning AND state of emergency. Which makes it all the more exciting since the kids have only seen snow 2 or 3 times in their whole life!

So with that, we've been evaluating our clothing. Last night, I met the kids at the BIG mall and Macy's. I had coupons for $15 off $50 or $25 off $100 and so on. I figured, if each kid could find a WARM coat for $50 I'd be thrilled.

Well, we found coats for UNDER $50 but not a single northerly, wintery worthy type of coat to be found here in South Florida. WTF. So they will be layering. And today, here in South Florida, will be a test for the new coats as it's currently 37.5 degrees!!! Whoa! That's cold baby!

Then we have the luggage situation. We fly Southwest as it's non stop and easy peasy, lemon squeezy to get in and out of the airport with them. AND they allow you to bring TWO bags but we will only take one each. Of course, the bags will be HEAVY and stuffed full with thick heavy clothing (that I'm still piecing together!) but luckily, I have 2 roller dufflebags and 2 large roller suitcases (hubby travels frequently!)

I am hoping (frantically!) that we get the Urban Surburban when we arrive. But of course, I will take whatever we are offered (from the car rental place) since it will be a minimal fee (company perk!) ...

I need to gather my recipes that I want to take with me to cook ... not so sure how well the internet connection will be there (yes, it's fairly remote...Cable TV just arrived in the last year!).

But more than anything, I hope for SNOW. Please please PLEASE let there be snow. For me. For the kids. For Hubby. :) Sorry to all my family and friends there who are probably SICK of it by now!!


  1. Maybe when you get to where you are going, you can stop at a Goodwill to buy any warm clothing you can't find beforehand?


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