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Costco Time!

Well. Not really. Not recently, I mean. But I found 2 receipts that I've been carrying around to do a post on ... figured I would give you TWO FOR ONE! How do you like that?

First trip was 4/27/13 ...

3 dozen xlarge eggs $3.39 (prices down again!)
box of easy mac cups (Sonny Boy) $9.79
qtips $8.99
picnic pack of ketchup/mustard/relish $7.25 less $2
2 gallons 2% milk $3.09 each
combo ziploc bags $10.99
fruit roll ups $10.89 less $2.80 coupon
20 pk irish spring bath soap $8.66
35 pk of zeph water $4.89 less $1
5 lb bag of grapefruits $5.99
bag of Angies Kettle Corn $5.99 less $1.50
2 pks of beef jerkey $13.99 each less $3.50 each
2 pkgs of cooked bacon $12.39 each (this stuff is getting more expensive each time)
Hard Salami $5.69
half and half $1.69
popchips bbq flavored $5.49
mens dress shirt $17.99 (returned later)
unsalted cashews $14.99
mahi mahi $16.99
steak strips $12.99
sliced ham lunchmeat $9.05
mini babybels $9.99
romaine $3.99
coconut shreds $8.99
organic honey $8.99
acid …

Roasted Veggies

As you may know, I am trying (real hard!) to increase my intake of vegetables ... it's just a little difficult because I do NOT like a lot of veggies.

NOW, at the ripe ole age of 49, I'm finding that I don't like them because of the way they've been prepared.

Take broccoli for example ... (and if anyone is singing Chopping Broccoli while they read this, RAISE YOUR HAND!) ... I always hated the smell, the texture, the little shrubby pieces left behind in your mouth ... just everything about it, totally disliked and would turn my nose up at it ...

But I keep trying ... and NOW? I love it ... but only this way:


Which is so stinkin easy, I can't believe I didn't try this before!!

Ready for the easiest recipe yet?

Take your head of broccoli and rinse well (you know little bugs live in there, right? Another thing I hated)

Dry best you can. Chop up the florets into smallish pieces, removing most of the stem part too.

Toss in a bowl. Drizzle with a little olive oil, sa…