It's officially over

The birthdays, that is.

Sonny Boy is 18. He got his ears pierced (!!!!)

Princess is 20. She didn't do anything special (oh, except met some friends at Coldstones)

Now we just have the boat parade party Saturday.

Company dinner next week.

And then travels.

I need to finish up and find something for my 12 year old neice. Anyone have any recommendations??

I feel so much older now. Yikes! My kids are no longer legally my responsibility. Oh. Hmmm. This COULD be good?


  1. I thoroughly enjoy having only grown-up children. However, that might be because we are such good friends now?

  2. Yes, it is funny how suddenly it's ok to be a "friend" and not just a mom. My daughter and I had a rough few years and suddently, when I (yes, ME) realized that she was now a young adult and could be responsible for her own actions, I loosended up a bit with her and it's been much better all around!


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