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Party Taters - aka Crack Taters

This dish has so many names, come to find out!  So I just decided to keep it my way and call it "Party Taters" ... and like that evil Warmed Cheesy Onion Dip, it's addictive, hence, the AKA part ...

During the months of November and December, the frozen hash brown coupons come out like crazy and the sales are over the top ... remember this and stock up your freezer during that time.  And of course, hopefully, while you are trying to do a pantry challenge in the middle of summer, you will be able to remove a bag and make a little dent in the freezer!

Here's what you need ... and of course, it's simple ;-)

1 large bag of frozen, shredded hash browns
2 16 oz containers of sour cream
2 bags (6oz) of bacon bits (oh heck, just buy the BIG bag from Costco or make your own as those little bags are a waste of money!)
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
2 packages of powdered ranch dip dressing mix (make sure you are using the dressing packet, not the DIP)

Combine everything except th…

Menu Plan Week #83 -Using What We Have

You know that I didn't really do a "plan" last week as Hubby was to be out until late Thursday evening ... but it all worked out well in the end and I didn't cave in ONCE to go out and grab something quick ... I gotta tell you, that's a miracle ;-)

Hubby is home all week, as it stands right now. They called him Friday afternoon (not even 24 hours after leaving) to tell him they could really use him back in the City of Angels ... ummm, he said not so fast friends ... he gave them tips and instructions on how to handle certain things and is giving them a few days to see if they can work it out. Said it was exhausting, even though he did get some fun time with the Stingray and the Caddy CTS ... you do know that he's a car freak, right? And I'm not talking flashy, pretty cars, but more like kick butt performance cars ;-) so that made up for the long hours and stuff he put in for the 10 days he was there ...

Any way. I'm banking on him being home all week …

Frugal Activities #23

I really enjoy doing this post weekly as it keeps me accountable and makes me think twice about some things :-)

Hubby got back in on Thursday ... thankfully! I've been on quite a spending spree while he was gone ... can't wait to hear what he has to say about the new rice cooker, hand held clothing steamer, swifter vacuum and bissel steam mop, fan, etc. O M G. Oh. And then there's the food that is over flowing. He's not said anything just yet, but I think that's because he really hasn't been home long enough to 'notice' the stuff just crammed into every opening there is.

Yes. I apparently DO have a spending problem if it looks like a great "deal". Although, I will say, the rice cooker has been over the top used ... I've made brown rice (excellent!), "boiled" eggs (way better than the oven cooking) and ate 1/2 pound of steamed broccoli, which for me, that's a miracle as I don't eat "shrubs". Yup, I'm enjoying…

Rice Cooker - Hard Boiled Eggs

One of the things I picked up at Costco was a new Rice Cooker. The one I have, well, I gave that to the Boy when he went away to college (so he could make his macaroni and cheese), not to mention, it was small as heck, like mini size!

So, I figured, you know, Hubby likes to make rice occasionally. The Boy makes brown rice in the microwave every other day and leaves the bubbly residue behind for ME to find when I go to heat something up (I hate a dirty microwave, totally wigs me out and sends me running for the windex!) ... so I grabbed the rice cooker ($29.95), a 10 pound bag of organic brown rice and a 20 pound bag of Basmati rice. I'm asking myself now, a whole week later, what the hell am I going to do with 20 pounds of Basmati rice? Anyways.

Then I was reading the recipe booklet that came along with the cooker. They had one recipe that said to add the eggs, unshelled, to the steamer basket.  Ok. That made me re-read it a few times. Unshelled? Did they mean out of the shell? Un…