Grocery Shops in Review

Hey, hey, looking to see what we've bought in the past week or so?

Ugh, I haven't shared one of these post since ... late APRIL!? Sorry. Sorry, really, I'm sorry! I have most of my receipts but gosh, I can't recreate 6 weeks or so!

We were in Houston the first week of June and then did a quick stop on Sunday morning at Winn Dixie ... I think we spent around $35 but I'm not 100% certain. The Princess, Baby Boy and Hubby In Law were here for the day and I wanted to make some hot dogs, baked beans and corn so a super quick stop was in order. Of course, I must have tossed that receipt! Seriously, though, go check out the recipe for the corn! Spot On!

So we went the WHOLE week without a shop ... and then

Whole Foods - June 15th, 2018
Total Spent - $101.60

Honestly, I went in with just a few things I wanted to get: watermelon, cucumbers, some other fruit and a bottle of wine ... yeah, right.

Nom Nom Paleo Magic Mushroom Seasoning $7.99
peaches $3.95 (less $1.98 prime disco…

Money Monday - Mascara

Hi! Been a little while and even though I'm a little more focused on the other site, I still want to keep Frugal in Florida and keep it more focused on money, saving and being intentionally frugal.

Hence ...
Money Monday!
My little frugal tip for the week?? Extend your mascara!

Money Monday

Hi! Been a little while and even though I'm a little more focused on the other site, I still want to keep Frugal in Florida and keep it more focused on money, saving and being intentionally frugal.

Hence ...
Money Monday!
My little frugal tip for the week?? Fix it yourself!

We had an issue with the front loader giving off a funky smell. I'm very conscientious to leave the door open a little bit to keep it from getting that mildew smell that the old front loaders are famous for so I knew it wasn't from that!

I'm also very picky and make certain that after I take a load of laundry out, I pull that rubber gasket down in the opening and make sure there isn't a stray sock or other undergarment in there blocking the drain holes.  Been there, done that!

What I did NOT know is that there is a 2nd filter that needs to be cleaned out periodically! Sad because we've had this washer for TEN years!

First thing you have to do is UNPLUG THE WASHER and then pull the front kick …

Life is Moving Fast

Raise your hands if you are in shock that it's MAY!

Seriously! The fifth month of the new year, already?

I just celebrated my 54th birthday.

Baby Nolan just turned 4 months old ... he'll be here when he's hitting his 5th month!

Mark just finished up his 5th round of chemo, which means he's been dealing with all that loveliness for 10 weeks ...

We are approaching our 5 month diagnosis period. Odd, it feels like it just happened yesterday, yet it's gotten to the point where I can talk about it and not immediately tear up. Some days.

I stopped crying for a while there. And then I realized, it was late April and how fast life was moving. It made me extremely sad so I started crying daily, again. Serves absolutely NO purpose, let me tell you.

All I want is a PAUSE button. It's not that I want to stop the process, because I know I can't. But I would like to be able to stop and enjoy some moments more than others. That's what happens when you know your soul ma…

Grocery Shops in Review

Hey, hey, looking to see what we've bought in the past week or so?

Hubby was out the previous week, home for his 4th treatment and then flew out again on Saturday morning. The only good news on that is that we didn't shop a whole lot those 2 weeks ...

So after he flew out Saturday morning, I came home and cleaned house at 6am ... had to wait for the medical pickup people to pick up the defective pump from this week (yeah, Hubby was hooked up for 48 hours and only got, maybe, 1/3 of the poison. He knew it wasn't working right and even called to do a check of everything) and THEN I knew I had to hit up a store! Not my best choice....

Whole Foods - April 28th, 2018
Total Spent - $116.63

Yeah. Quite a bit more than planned AND I still need some other things. Ugh.

3.48 pounds of b/s chicken breast $13.89 ($3.99 a pound)
4 pkgs of ground beef (90/10) that were $4.99 a pound - $5.11, $4.84, $5.24 and $5.19

SO Delicious coffee creamer $4.79
bottle of Rose wine $17.66
bottle of White…

Grocery Shops in Review - Costco Edition!

Hey hey ... it's that time again!

Time to look at what I bought ... and what I spent ...

It's not so very bad ... honestly! And actually, had the boy not come along, I would have spent even LESS ... but it is what it is ... so while my Mandarin Orange Chicken from Trader Joe (freezer!) cooks up, I'm going to type up the receipt and hopefully get the pictures cleaned up and ready to post asap!

I did have a list.
A very specific list.  And it was short! Crazy, I know!  And I stuck with it, except for ONE thing ...

The biggest frugal fail ever! I bet that book is available on Kindle, Amazon, the library! Everywhere for FREE ... if not today, soon!

Yup. It called my name ... "over here ... you deserve a brand new book to read this weekend" ... "yes, you do ... it's only $15.99"

Uhm, that's the equivalent of THREE bags of that Mandarin Orange Chicken ...

Moving on ... (and that book better NOT get a single splash of pool water while I'm …

Frugal Activities

Hey hey, it's been a LONG time since I've shared any of our Frugal Activities and I would love to get back in the habit of doing so!

This past week has been pretty good on the frugal front, thankfully ... we really need it! This insurance and cancer stuff is pretty expensive, you know?
Being intentionally frugal is the best approach to having a successful week, trust me!

Here's some of the Frugal Activities we've been doing for the past few days!

1.  I personally avoided the store ... Hubby went one day and spent a whopping $30 ... such a thrifty guy! He had a chemo session so he needed to stock up on liquids to drink for 3 days ... I'm ok with this as it's very important that he stays hydrated!

2. Gave myself a manicure AND painted my toes. Ahem, not just the toe nails, I might add. I started laughing half way through as I couldn't see squat and could see the dark blue polish on the sides of my toes. Oh well, saved me a minimum of $60 doing it myself. Perfect? …