Grocery Shops in Review - Costco Edition!

Hey hey ... it's that time again!

Time to look at what I bought ... and what I spent ...

It's not so very bad ... honestly! And actually, had the boy not come along, I would have spent even LESS ... but it is what it is ... so while my Mandarin Orange Chicken from Trader Joe (freezer!) cooks up, I'm going to type up the receipt and hopefully get the pictures cleaned up and ready to post asap!

I did have a list.
A very specific list.  And it was short! Crazy, I know!  And I stuck with it, except for ONE thing ...

The biggest frugal fail ever! I bet that book is available on Kindle, Amazon, the library! Everywhere for FREE ... if not today, soon!

Yup. It called my name ... "over here ... you deserve a brand new book to read this weekend" ... "yes, you do ... it's only $15.99"

Uhm, that's the equivalent of THREE bags of that Mandarin Orange Chicken ...

Moving on ... (and that book better NOT get a single splash of pool water while I'm …

Frugal Activities

Hey hey, it's been a LONG time since I've shared any of our Frugal Activities and I would love to get back in the habit of doing so!

This past week has been pretty good on the frugal front, thankfully ... we really need it! This insurance and cancer stuff is pretty expensive, you know?
Being intentionally frugal is the best approach to having a successful week, trust me!

Here's some of the Frugal Activities we've been doing for the past few days!

1.  I personally avoided the store ... Hubby went one day and spent a whopping $30 ... such a thrifty guy! He had a chemo session so he needed to stock up on liquids to drink for 3 days ... I'm ok with this as it's very important that he stays hydrated!

2. Gave myself a manicure AND painted my toes. Ahem, not just the toe nails, I might add. I started laughing half way through as I couldn't see squat and could see the dark blue polish on the sides of my toes. Oh well, saved me a minimum of $60 doing it myself. Perfect? …

10 Ways to Save Money

Everyone has a few favorite tips for saving a dollar or two ... Today, I'm going to share TEN WAYS to save money ... and I promise, they won't be all that hard for you to incorporate in to your daily routine!

1.  Pack your food and drinks for the day. I don't care if you are a stay at home mom or work full time at an office: don't leave home empty handed! Bring your snacks, drinks, etc. I pack a lunch daily, and always bring a water bottle along. I figure I save a minimum of $8 a day by doing this. That's 40 bucks a WEEK!!

Yummy Yummy Chicken BLT Salad
2. Avoid that grocery store. Hold out as LONG as you can ... I am a big fan of counting the number of days til I actually step foot inside a grocery store. Seriously, try it. Shop your pantry and freezers FIRST and make do with what you have. Go ahead, I promise you, your family will not wither away if you don't buy groceries this week. Savings? Probably a minimum of $50 a week. Of course, it doesn't work so w…

Menu Plan Monday

Hey, let's take a walk down memory lane and do a Menu Plan for the week ahead!

Ha. Sorry. It's just been quite a while since I've done a real menu plan, I'll admit it. Hubby's currently medical situation has really turned a lot of things upside down and food has certainly been the #1 thing.

He goes in for treatment #3 on Tuesday and just told me this evening that he's very nervous about this one for some reason. I would make a safe guess it's because he flies out on Friday morning and well, what if he does feel like crap?? Then what?

It will be fine. I told him so, therefore, it will be. ;-)

I'm trying to do a little mini-pantry/freezer challenge this month as well ... to save a little money and to clear out some of the clutter food stuff we have hanging around too!

Here's what we are looking at for the week!

Saturday - bacon and mushroom burgers on the grill with a wedge salad (we did stop and pick up the ground beef)

Need to buy some more soon!

Grocery Trips in Review

The Boy and I hit up Costco on Tuesday ... only because Hubby took a road trip to Ocala to see his sister. We originally planned to go on Monday but the Boy opted to spend time with some friends so we went on Tuesday instead. I went to Trader Joe's on Monday, which, in hindsight, was pretty dumb on my part.

Oh well.

I love Trader Joe's ... my wallet, not so much!

But I can justify it the majority of the time, just as long as I stay under $50 ... and I can't tell you the last time I did that.

However, there are some things that we just can't buy anywhere else that's acceptable.

A few of those things:

frozen macaroni and cheese

frozen cooked shrimp

decent, inexpensive wine

onion salt (!!)

and, of course, that riced cauliflower

Of course, I didn't buy all that stuff but a bunch of other things ...

Trader Joe's - March 19, 2018 Total Spent - $72.89
I guess I should be glad it was under $100, right?
about 4 pounds b/s chicken breast, $5.99 per pound. $9.46 and $…

Grocery Shopping Week in Review

It's been a while since I've shared a grocery trip ... mostly because I haven't been shopping a whole lot! Hubby has been going more often than me and he just doesn't buy a lot ...

We've also not been meal planning OR prepping a whole lot. This cancer stuff has really gotten us all tangled up in our life. Ugh. NOT to mention, I'm also posting more on the new site so make sure you come check that out as well! The Mark and Jan Show!

So, what the heck! I went to see my dad Friday after work, and as always, stopped at Walmart to pick up a few things for him and grabbed a few things for us ...

Quite an understatement.

Walmart - March 16th, 2018
Total Spent - $171.61

1 8 pk gatorade $5.38
1 12 pk gatorade (smaller bottles) $5.38
2 bottles of orange juice $3.28 each (of which one and half containers are gone already)
long sleeve tshirt (for me) $5 (not food related but it's on the reciept)
4 pkgs of brown gravy mix $.52 each
4 pkgs of chicken gravy mix $.98 each (…

Breakfast Bowls for Meal Prep

Did you see the Breakfast Bistro Boxes I finally shared a while ago? I can't believe I didn't get it up sooner!

Well, then I made myself a Breakfast Bowl that really was really yummy!

And I shared pics on Instagram and such but never got around to sharing with YOU!

So here you are, my Breakfast Bowls for the week ... meal preppin' at it's finest!

1 bag of riced cauliflower (Trader Joe's or any stores frozen food section!)
8 eggs
1 bag of sausage crumbles (I used Jimmy Deans as it was on sale before the holidays) ... you can make this yourself if you'd like!
frozen veggies (broccoli is my choice as that's what I had on hand)

Ok, this is a very loose recipe and certainly open for you to expand and customize to YOUR liking!

Add some ghee to your large skillet and dump in the riced cauliflower.  Season with some salt/pepper/onion/garlic and cook until the moisture is evaporated.

Divide that into 4 bowls.

Add a little more ghee to the pan and tos…