Make It Happen Monday

Every time I type that title, I aways type "Make It Happy Monday" :) Doh.

I'm having a horrible time typing as I'm WEAK from working out ... good Lord, what am I doing?? :) And yes, I did the sit ups that I realized I missed.

So, thanks to AMMIE over at Domestically Obsessed, I'm linking up again for my Monday list ...

1. CLEAN keyboard out on laptop.
2. Set up work out plan for week.
3. Post work out plan (or at least have them ready to post!)
4. Weigh self. Either be amazed or disappointed as required.
5. Post menu plan done!
6. Link to Organizing Junkie!
7. Take animals to Thrift stores first for warm clothes then target and mall (unfortunately, I probably missed the cold weather clothes as it's suppose to be in the 30/40 again tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday - bizarre!) This is for our trip to the Midwest.
8. Remind Sonny Boy to sign up for 01/22 SAT.
9. Get girls strainer towel for gifts.
10. Send Carmen thank you note for brutal sharing of crossfit program.
11. Drop off at Goodwill. Would be nice if I could put that with #7?
12. Set up bill pay.
13. Balance for remainder of month.
14. Clean out fridge for upcoming party on Saturday.
15. Discuss proposed food for Saturday. Not a big group so no problem.
16. Be thankful.

That's it. My list is not to bad BUT I do have the Boat Parade coming up Saturday night. We normally do a party party, but not this year as we aren't decorating (much to the Animals disappointment!).

So, have you been getting Your Home On? Hop on over to Domestically Obsessed and share! (OMG, my arms are like jelly and it's hard to control my fingers - don't be alarmed, its' just from the workout!!!!)


  1. Ha ha! You are not alone in the typos, my friend. Not alone at all. I'm psyched to see your work out plan! I am cracking up out loud over #4, too funny. I have a question, what is a strainger towel? Have an awesome week and thanks so much for linking over to Domestically Obsessed's Make It Happen Monday! (Hope it made you happy!)

  2. Hey Ammie ... #4 was "slightly amazed, but a little disappointing at 3.3 lbs" ... a strainger towel? :) A dish drying mat is the real name for it :) It's just a super absorbant towel for putting dishes on to drain, works excellent! here's the link:

  3. Oh, I need a drainer towel, too! Need to look into that...

  4. Good idea, the Make It Happen Monday. But the Make It Happy Monday is also an excellent idea. Like this very much!


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