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Sunday, February 28, 2010


I love kitchen gadgets. I could almost say that I am addicted to them. I do make the spontaneous purchases, like the magic bullet I've got the at Costco a while back (don't do it!), or how about that stupid whack the top thingy and it chops and dices in a minute? Forget that too...what a pain to clean, and it really doesn't work all that well in my opinion! Then there are the thought out purchases, like the food processor, blender, Vidalia Onion chopper thingy. Or the fryer. And have the Want List. You know, the things you WANT but just can not justify purchasing at the moment for the full price. Things, like, oh the panini press. Or a new waffle maker to replace the one that works so so. A griddle. You know, the big one, 2 feet long and just not practical to put anywhere. Well, the church had it's annual rummage sale over the weekend. I took a stroll down there at 9am on Saturday. Browsed, got caught up in the frenzy of grabbing things to hold JUST IN CASE SOMEONE ELSE CAME ALONG (hey, you ALL know that feeling) and put most of it back. Candlesticks, 25 cents for four. Mine. 2 Good Seasonings cruets. For my own salad dressings and vinaigrette's that I make. Mine. A silver soup ladle. Impractical for everyday use. MINE. A brand spanking new dark red purse to replace the humongous green thing I have, MINE. A griddle. Presto. Used. Plugged in. Works. Heated up in no time flat. Had to let it cool a bit before taking home. M.I.N.E. All mine. $2. Woohoo. Made hash browns and sausage and worked like a dream! So. Moral of the story? Wait. Hold out. Patience. And always keep an open mind. And eventually, everything works out in the end!

March 1st

I am so looking forward to the start of a NEW month. February was hell at work. Granted, like I told hubby, when you work LONG hours, you don't spend any money ... so I suppose there was one good side to the 10 to 12 hour days. I've had it with the way my clothes are fitting, and how I perceive myself now. I've dug out the P90X program. Even forced myself to do 10 minutes of the AbRipper disc ... could not force myself to do the remaining 6 minutes. Go figure. Bring It On. I can't believe it, I bought this set a YEAR ago ... thats how long its been since the gym died on me. Horrors! And can I tell you how much I miss that place? Very very sad. So March 1st. Working out. Daily. 6 of the 7. Something. Anything. Walking. P90X. Shred. Bowflex (if I can kick Sonny Boy off of it ... he's been doing it 5 days a week now, 2 weeks in, and you know, because he's such a thin kid, he is really showing defination already. I don't know if I want to shove him on the ground OR give him a high five. Yeah. Probably should show encouragement, huh?). WII (my kickboxing routine that I spent forever setting up and kicks my butt WHEN I do it). So many options. Oh. So many choices. So whats' the problem? Lazy? Lack of ambition? Or just the plain fact that I HATE to work out. Really. Hate that sweaty, out of breath, I think I'm going to throw up feeling. I see that hubby is putting on a few pounds too in all the wrong places. Both of us have become really bad slackers as far as working out. We try to eat healthy, but doesn't really do any good if you aren't increasing your activities :) So I realize this: I'm getting older. I'm getting 'jigglier'. I am NOT at all happy with how I look ... which is really affecting my attitude in general. So, with that, I declare MARCH to be: Work. Out. Steady. Month. Minimum of 30 minutes a day. 6 days a week. Come on. It's only 3 hours a week. Surely I can spare that. If I have to get up at 5am instead of 5:30 4 days of the week, I will. I can do this. Bring. It. On. Do. Your. Best. Forget. The. Rest. Ok. Who's joining me on this little adventure? Sonny boy is already in. Should get my neighbor to join in, although she heads to the gym at 5am everyday. Even Hubby. Although, he likes to work out after work. I prefer the mornings otherwise LIFE gets in the way. Bring It. Hoorah.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Curious - Stovetops

Ok, so I'm browsing the net this morning as hubby was up at 3am to catch a flight by 6am ... and I'm going through organizing junkies menu plan monday links because, heck, at 4am, why not look to see what everyone is planning to eat this week!?
Pictures ... lots of pictures. More power to you folks! I wish I had it in me to dedicate more time to taking pictures. Better pictures. I take horrible pictures ... can't help it.
Pictures of pots and pans on top of the stoves. Not a big deal. Some of the food look gorgeous. I mean, like, can I come over for dinner tonight?
Then others. Well. Yeah the food looked good.
The stove and countertop around it. Grunge. Ick. And not FRESH just cooked grunge. And no, I'm not talking about them little trays around the burners (I have a flat top and boy, do NOT miss those stupid coily things!) ...
So my question is: Do you clean your stove periodically. Daily? Weekly? Monthly ?
Me? Everytime I cook something, before, during and after. I can not stand a dirty stove ... ick.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Trying to keep the faith here & post! Thanks a ton to the organizing QUEEN for hosting this every single week. If you are stuck for ideas, slide on over and check out 100's of others menu plans! By the way, not a single recipe link this week as everything is staying simple. But check out the other food blog for recipes on different things. I'm trying to make an effort to add a few new ones a week. Hubby is out of town this week Tuesday to Friday. New York. Manhattan to be exact. He will be dining in some superb dining establishments while Sonny Boy and I will be eating non-descript, homemade food ... not an issue though! Princess was here for the weekend. Hopped a ride down with a friend with no return ride. Catching the greyhound bus at noon Monday to the tune of $40. For future reference, need to remember the GMG Transport system for college kids. Cheaper, much more practical. On to the menu for the week: Sunday - Burgers, dogs and fried food from the fryer Monday - Pasta with some yummy whole grain italian garic bread Tuesday - Veggie Quesidilas Wednesday - Soup and salad (most likely will be canned soup as I hit a good sale at Publix with Progresso) Thursday - Survivor night ... seriously considering frozen pizza and green salad, but you know, I'm trying to watch my eating so maybe a pizza for the boy and salad with chicken or something for me Friday - Hubby home (yeah!), chicken of some sort! Saturday - rolling over the steak & lobster tail night Last weeks menu plan went pretty well with the exception of the steak & lobster ... we went to our friends that evening for dinner ... I hit a good sale at Publix Italian Days and have stocked up pretty well on frozen veggies, broth, soups and whack a can bread sticks ... probably should do it again though before the sale ends (this is how I got free frozen pizzas, been holding my $1 off any pizza and totinos were on sale this week for $1 ... bought 10, plus 10 other progresso items and used the $5 off 20 items too) ... but now I have no pizza coupons left

Monday, February 15, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Yup, I'm trying again :) Today I was off. So I ran to some of my favorite thrift stores that have the odd hours of 10am to 4pm and I never get to them normally. Nothing jumped out at me & said BUY ME, thankfully! Hop on over to the Organizing Junkie to see what hundres of others are planning on having for dinner! Hubby will be traveling next week to New York, Manhattan, that lucky dog. Oh well, figured I may as well do a structured meal plan for this week then! Sunday - Hubbys favorite pasta sauce, salad with a viniagrette dressing and garlic rolls Monday - Blackened grouper sandwiches and fries Tuesday - Chicken enchiladas with guacamole (using those free avacados up) and salsa with blue chips Wednesday - soup and salad (green) Thursday - leftovers ... or burgers IF the grill is finally done ... Survivor night is back Friday - I will leave this up to hubby. I'm sure we will go out either this evening or Saturday Saturday - IF we went out Friday, steak & lobster tails Everything is in stock in the pantry, freezer and fridge. I have so much food again, and I had spent way too much last week so trying to keep the grocery bill low this week ...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I feel good

Shoes. Amazing what a cool pair of shoes will do f or your attitude. All for $5.99. Sweet. By Karvings, Inc. Wood heel hand carved. So cool!
I spent a total of $24 a few nights ago at Out of the Closet thrift. I got another pair of cool shoes (pics to come), 2 tops, a cool jacket for the office and an Anne Klien 2 piece suit which really, I only wanted the jacket. Tops were $1 each, jacket was $4 and the whole suit was $4.50. Other pair of shoes? Even cooler than these little guys (more dressier) and $7.99
Then this past Thursday, had to go to Lowes to pick up the new patio chairs we had ordered, and drop off a few bags at goodwill. Managed to snag a Bamboo Trader's black skort with blue whales on them. $3 ... whoohoo!

Denny's Free Grand Slam til 2pm today

Ok, I'm sure you've all heard about this offer today, right? Me. No way. Not going anywhere NEAR a Denny's today. The lines. The wait. The unhappy staff. And so on. Sonny Boy was really wanting to do this today on his way to school. Dude. You would have had to leave the house at 5:30am to get there, get served, eat, tip & get to school on time. Sorry kid. So instead. Being the WONDERFUL mom that I am (hint, someone please tell me this!) I made him a grand slam breakfast that he was able to eat and enjoy in the comfort of his own home. Pancakes. Check. Scrambled eggs. Check. Bacon (2 pieces just like they give you!). Check. Small juice. Check. Glass of chocolate (carnation breakfast) milk. Check. Hash browns. Oops. No. Too many carbs for you this early in the morning. You will fall asleep. Toast. Oops. No. See the note above with hash browns. Do you think I got a Thank you Mom, you are the best? No. He's really not that much of an early morning kid.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Menu Plan 2-7 to 2-13

Super Sunday - Hot Chicken Wings (hubby made), Sauerkraut and baby back ribs, baked taters, shrimp cocktail, cheese & crackers, piggies in the blanket with a little kick in the butt (chili powder) Monday - leftovers and cooking up some linguine for the rest of the weeks fill in Tuesday - Chicken parmesean with the linguine from last night Wednesday - blackened grouper sandwiches with coleslaw and fries Thursday - soup and salad...still trying to decide which of each Friday - Grilling baby! On the new deck (better be done by then!) Burgers Saturday - suppose to be a BIG Girl's night out for a friends 49th ... but now starting to look like not ... was going to treat Sonny Boy & Hubby to a dinner out to ease my guilt but if I'm home, steak & lobster tails So...considering I'm WAY over budget for the week in groceries, I have everything I could possibly need in the freezers, fridges, and pantry. No need to go to the store. Except bread, milk, and maybe some eggs. But not necessary.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

As the Host(ess) of the Super Bowl...

Well, because they ARE playing in South Florida. And daily, every single morning, on my way to work, driving down A1A/Ocean Blvd./Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd. I've seen more things out of the ordinary such as: Cheerleaders on the wall Men in beige business suits standing by the bus stop signs Camera men running through the streets (paparazzi folks, they really ARE a danger) Camera crews and tv trucks Blacked out SUV's by the rows Players 'posing' with the beautiful atlantic ocean in the background Players interviewing And some morning show was broadcasting LIVE from Shula's but I could never figure who it was!! So, back to being the Hostess. We are staying home. We have stayed home all weekend long. Sonny Boy and buddy are jamming in the garage (drums & bass) ... There was so much free stuff to do this weekend. But you know what? In the end, it would not have been free. Parking, upward of $15 ... probably more around $25. Beers, $5. Forget a jack 'n coke. And then just the general overall attitude of some after a few beers and such. Not to mention, the weather was rather windy (on the beach, it's not fun in my opinion to get blasted by sand) and a little chilly ... today is downright COLD. So we are staying home. Not even going to our friends as originally planned. But we did make food. And lots of it: chicken wings piggies in blanket sauerkraut and ribs baked taters (planning on tater skins, but unlikely) sugar cookies the usual chips & dip, cheese and crackers and a few grapes and a boneless turkey breast was tossed in the oven too since it needs cooked. So there you have it. That's it. And I'm fine with it. Even though my beloved Colts would be highly disappointed in me, I'm sure ...