Menu Plan 2-7 to 2-13

Super Sunday - Hot Chicken Wings (hubby made), Sauerkraut and baby back ribs, baked taters, shrimp cocktail, cheese & crackers, piggies in the blanket with a little kick in the butt (chili powder) Monday - leftovers and cooking up some linguine for the rest of the weeks fill in Tuesday - Chicken parmesean with the linguine from last night Wednesday - blackened grouper sandwiches with coleslaw and fries Thursday - soup and salad...still trying to decide which of each Friday - Grilling baby! On the new deck (better be done by then!) Burgers Saturday - suppose to be a BIG Girl's night out for a friends 49th ... but now starting to look like not ... was going to treat Sonny Boy & Hubby to a dinner out to ease my guilt but if I'm home, steak & lobster tails So...considering I'm WAY over budget for the week in groceries, I have everything I could possibly need in the freezers, fridges, and pantry. No need to go to the store. Except bread, milk, and maybe some eggs. But not necessary.


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