Denny's Free Grand Slam til 2pm today

Ok, I'm sure you've all heard about this offer today, right? Me. No way. Not going anywhere NEAR a Denny's today. The lines. The wait. The unhappy staff. And so on. Sonny Boy was really wanting to do this today on his way to school. Dude. You would have had to leave the house at 5:30am to get there, get served, eat, tip & get to school on time. Sorry kid. So instead. Being the WONDERFUL mom that I am (hint, someone please tell me this!) I made him a grand slam breakfast that he was able to eat and enjoy in the comfort of his own home. Pancakes. Check. Scrambled eggs. Check. Bacon (2 pieces just like they give you!). Check. Small juice. Check. Glass of chocolate (carnation breakfast) milk. Check. Hash browns. Oops. No. Too many carbs for you this early in the morning. You will fall asleep. Toast. Oops. No. See the note above with hash browns. Do you think I got a Thank you Mom, you are the best? No. He's really not that much of an early morning kid.


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