As the Host(ess) of the Super Bowl...

Well, because they ARE playing in South Florida. And daily, every single morning, on my way to work, driving down A1A/Ocean Blvd./Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd. I've seen more things out of the ordinary such as: Cheerleaders on the wall Men in beige business suits standing by the bus stop signs Camera men running through the streets (paparazzi folks, they really ARE a danger) Camera crews and tv trucks Blacked out SUV's by the rows Players 'posing' with the beautiful atlantic ocean in the background Players interviewing And some morning show was broadcasting LIVE from Shula's but I could never figure who it was!! So, back to being the Hostess. We are staying home. We have stayed home all weekend long. Sonny Boy and buddy are jamming in the garage (drums & bass) ... There was so much free stuff to do this weekend. But you know what? In the end, it would not have been free. Parking, upward of $15 ... probably more around $25. Beers, $5. Forget a jack 'n coke. And then just the general overall attitude of some after a few beers and such. Not to mention, the weather was rather windy (on the beach, it's not fun in my opinion to get blasted by sand) and a little chilly ... today is downright COLD. So we are staying home. Not even going to our friends as originally planned. But we did make food. And lots of it: chicken wings piggies in blanket sauerkraut and ribs baked taters (planning on tater skins, but unlikely) sugar cookies the usual chips & dip, cheese and crackers and a few grapes and a boneless turkey breast was tossed in the oven too since it needs cooked. So there you have it. That's it. And I'm fine with it. Even though my beloved Colts would be highly disappointed in me, I'm sure ...


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