Menu Plan Monday

Trying to keep the faith here & post! Thanks a ton to the organizing QUEEN for hosting this every single week. If you are stuck for ideas, slide on over and check out 100's of others menu plans! By the way, not a single recipe link this week as everything is staying simple. But check out the other food blog for recipes on different things. I'm trying to make an effort to add a few new ones a week. Hubby is out of town this week Tuesday to Friday. New York. Manhattan to be exact. He will be dining in some superb dining establishments while Sonny Boy and I will be eating non-descript, homemade food ... not an issue though! Princess was here for the weekend. Hopped a ride down with a friend with no return ride. Catching the greyhound bus at noon Monday to the tune of $40. For future reference, need to remember the GMG Transport system for college kids. Cheaper, much more practical. On to the menu for the week: Sunday - Burgers, dogs and fried food from the fryer Monday - Pasta with some yummy whole grain italian garic bread Tuesday - Veggie Quesidilas Wednesday - Soup and salad (most likely will be canned soup as I hit a good sale at Publix with Progresso) Thursday - Survivor night ... seriously considering frozen pizza and green salad, but you know, I'm trying to watch my eating so maybe a pizza for the boy and salad with chicken or something for me Friday - Hubby home (yeah!), chicken of some sort! Saturday - rolling over the steak & lobster tail night Last weeks menu plan went pretty well with the exception of the steak & lobster ... we went to our friends that evening for dinner ... I hit a good sale at Publix Italian Days and have stocked up pretty well on frozen veggies, broth, soups and whack a can bread sticks ... probably should do it again though before the sale ends (this is how I got free frozen pizzas, been holding my $1 off any pizza and totinos were on sale this week for $1 ... bought 10, plus 10 other progresso items and used the $5 off 20 items too) ... but now I have no pizza coupons left


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