Curious - Stovetops

Ok, so I'm browsing the net this morning as hubby was up at 3am to catch a flight by 6am ... and I'm going through organizing junkies menu plan monday links because, heck, at 4am, why not look to see what everyone is planning to eat this week!?
Pictures ... lots of pictures. More power to you folks! I wish I had it in me to dedicate more time to taking pictures. Better pictures. I take horrible pictures ... can't help it.
Pictures of pots and pans on top of the stoves. Not a big deal. Some of the food look gorgeous. I mean, like, can I come over for dinner tonight?
Then others. Well. Yeah the food looked good.
The stove and countertop around it. Grunge. Ick. And not FRESH just cooked grunge. And no, I'm not talking about them little trays around the burners (I have a flat top and boy, do NOT miss those stupid coily things!) ...
So my question is: Do you clean your stove periodically. Daily? Weekly? Monthly ?
Me? Everytime I cook something, before, during and after. I can not stand a dirty stove ... ick.


  1. I have a flat top too...and it gets cleaned daily :)
    Thanks for visiting my site!



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