I love kitchen gadgets. I could almost say that I am addicted to them. I do make the spontaneous purchases, like the magic bullet I've got the at Costco a while back (don't do it!), or how about that stupid whack the top thingy and it chops and dices in a minute? Forget that too...what a pain to clean, and it really doesn't work all that well in my opinion! Then there are the thought out purchases, like the food processor, blender, Vidalia Onion chopper thingy. Or the fryer. And have the Want List. You know, the things you WANT but just can not justify purchasing at the moment for the full price. Things, like, oh the panini press. Or a new waffle maker to replace the one that works so so. A griddle. You know, the big one, 2 feet long and just not practical to put anywhere. Well, the church had it's annual rummage sale over the weekend. I took a stroll down there at 9am on Saturday. Browsed, got caught up in the frenzy of grabbing things to hold JUST IN CASE SOMEONE ELSE CAME ALONG (hey, you ALL know that feeling) and put most of it back. Candlesticks, 25 cents for four. Mine. 2 Good Seasonings cruets. For my own salad dressings and vinaigrette's that I make. Mine. A silver soup ladle. Impractical for everyday use. MINE. A brand spanking new dark red purse to replace the humongous green thing I have, MINE. A griddle. Presto. Used. Plugged in. Works. Heated up in no time flat. Had to let it cool a bit before taking home. M.I.N.E. All mine. $2. Woohoo. Made hash browns and sausage and worked like a dream! So. Moral of the story? Wait. Hold out. Patience. And always keep an open mind. And eventually, everything works out in the end!


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