Menu Plan Monday

Yup, I'm trying again :) Today I was off. So I ran to some of my favorite thrift stores that have the odd hours of 10am to 4pm and I never get to them normally. Nothing jumped out at me & said BUY ME, thankfully! Hop on over to the Organizing Junkie to see what hundres of others are planning on having for dinner! Hubby will be traveling next week to New York, Manhattan, that lucky dog. Oh well, figured I may as well do a structured meal plan for this week then! Sunday - Hubbys favorite pasta sauce, salad with a viniagrette dressing and garlic rolls Monday - Blackened grouper sandwiches and fries Tuesday - Chicken enchiladas with guacamole (using those free avacados up) and salsa with blue chips Wednesday - soup and salad (green) Thursday - leftovers ... or burgers IF the grill is finally done ... Survivor night is back Friday - I will leave this up to hubby. I'm sure we will go out either this evening or Saturday Saturday - IF we went out Friday, steak & lobster tails Everything is in stock in the pantry, freezer and fridge. I have so much food again, and I had spent way too much last week so trying to keep the grocery bill low this week ...


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