Menu Plan Monday - June 19th to 25th

It's Monday which means time to link up over at Organizing Junkies Menu Plan Monday! If you haven't checked it out before, you should, 100's of bloggers link their menu plan up and it's really interesting to see what other are eating (plus access to GREAT recipes and blogs you'd normally not come across!)

Sunday - Father's Day - made ice cream in the ice cream maker (watch for upcoming recipe, easy peasy), hot dogs and brats on the grill with some chips and mango salsa on the side.

Monday - Italian beef using some excellent crusty cubano rolls (Gym so everyone will fend for themselves but it's already cooked and ready to go!)

Tuesday - tacos (salad for me) with the works! These keep getting rolled over week to week but I'm determined! (Gym again, everyone fends for themselves, but it's all cooked and ready to go!)

Wednesday - leftovers of some sort or just soup and sandwiches

Thursday - Pizza Bread! This should make the Animals happy happy happy! (Gym. I think the kids can pull this off on their own though)

Friday - Chicken. Breast? Thighs? Wings? Not sure but it's definitely going on the grill!

Saturday - it looks like the Band has another gig which is pretty cool as they've had one every week since schools' gotten out, so we may opt to see if they'd like something to eat BEFORE they go (burgers, dogs, etc.). More than likely, Hubby and I will have steaks and taters.

So what are you planning to eat this week??

*I've had a few people email me about the Gym nights. I don't normally eat a full dinner because I get home around 8 or so ... I'm hot, tired, lacking oxygen and the desire to cook! I've slacked off a few times on dinner prep which is why some of the stuff makes a reappearance on the menu, so now I try to get most of the prep out of the way in the morning (or even during the weekend) so who ever is home to eat can whip it up themselves for the most part.


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