Mango Salsa


I went to Whole Foods on Sunday for a few things from the produce section.

Not because I wanted organic or anything like that but because I was pretty much across the street and it was just way more convenient.

Ummm. Convenience and frugal do NOT go hand in hand. I always forget how expensive that place is.


BUT. They had samples going on...lots and lots and LOTS of samples! Oh delicious!

And they sucked me in! I got the salsa, the ginger teriyaki sauce (thankfully I have tons of boneless skinless chicken thighs to make my own chicken skewers!), Russian coleslaw, oh my!

So here's what I plan on making soon ... the ingredient list is taken right off the TO DIE FOR package of mango salsa I bought for $6.99 (yes, that says SIX dollars and ninety-nine cents):

red onion
lemon juice
sea salt
black pepper

Now, keep in mind, every ingredient has "organic" in front of it, and it's "All Raw Vegan" ... which is probably how the price is justified for this 8 oz package.

But dang, IT'S GOOD!

So the mango trees are coming in around here ... guess what I'll be making?  Linking up with Jessica over at Ultimate Recipe Swap and the Picnic series ... wouldn't this be an awesome thing to take on a picnic???


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