Vanilla Ice Cream

A few years back, we got a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker. Nothing fancy. Plug and play type thing. EXCEPT you have to stick the canister in the freezer for about 24 hours BEFORE making ice cream.

Since we've been working real hard on clearing the freezers, there was FINALLY room to put the canister in! Woohoo!!

Of course, the Animals just use it all summer long for slushies, be it sodas, koolade, gatorade, whatever they can get their hands on ... its in!  I want to try the Orangy Glad things ... I think that would be even better than trying to crush the ice in the blender!

Anyways. For Father's Day we wanted to make Hubby a shake. His favorite is Peanut Butter and chocolate chip. Regardless, we didn't get to the shake mode. But after a near disaster, we did make ice cream (see below for Sonny Boy's close call ... and my solution to scolding for not reading directions!)

2 cups cream
1 cup milk
3/4 cup sugar (I think this is TOO much)
1/2 tsp vanilla

With a mixer, mix sugar and milk til sugar is dissolved. Turn on machine, and pour in ingredients. Let it go for 20 minutes or til you see Ice Cream!

A few things that WE learned over the weekend.

1. Read directions. Really. Not just the ingredients.
2. Read directions. Again, not just the ingredients.
3. Be prepared to react QUICK if you do NOT read directions.

Here's what Sonny Boy did:
1. Gathered milk, cream, sugar
2. Dumped sugar in ice cream canister (with the paddle thingy in too)
3. Poured in milk
4. Poured in cream
5. Turned on ice cream maker
6. Jumped back when ice cream maker made horrible locking up freezing noise.
7. Looked at me and said "What?"

Ummm...the ingredients (sugar mostly) froze to the canister which in turn froze the paddle to the sides which meant canister could not rotate freely.

Poured all out. Lovely sugary mess on the bottom.
Ran hot water real quick inside.
Put back together, turned on machine and poured stuff back in. Grabbed the vanilla and free poured it in.

Sonny Boy had a snit. But I told him that was a perfect example of WHY you need to read and follow directions. Could have been something so much worse, I understand, but this was a PERFECT example of why you need to Read Directions. lessons and life experiences.

On a Frugal note: I don't think this is very frugal, the 16 oz container of cream was $3 plus dollars, and this doesn't make much at all ... I'd rather just buy the premade stuff on sale. This was a special occasion so it was worth it, but on a day to day basis, nah. Of course, there is the factor that you KNOW what's in your ice cream though!

So, have you all made yourself some homemade ice cream lately?


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