My daily quest to be perfect … continuously falls flat

1. Eat healthier. In all actuality, if we never get rid of all the candy, cookies, and such in the office, this will never ever happen.

2. Be happier. Never used to be a problem. But now, I am on day 4 without my new happy pills and well, it’s showing. Come on now. What are the chances that a pharmacy screws up the name of your doctor? Really. It happened. My bottle shows Dr. A and her name is really Dr. W. Makes me wonder if I even got the right medication.

3. Save money. Well. Hmmm. I suppose I could say that I do save money. But do NOT see it in the savings account.

4. Contribute 20% of each paycheck to the savings account. This is really a big thing for me. Should not be so difficult. I get 6 checks a month. Would add up nicely. Was up nicely. Then this happened. Then that happened. And well now, it just plain stinks. But at least I do have a savings account, just not enough to do anything with at the moment. I will attempt to do this again after the real estate taxes are paid and Christmas is over.

5. Wash the clothes, iron and put away instead of leaving mounds. Ok. I’ve never quite understood the piles of laundry in the living room waiting to be put away and such. I do have piles in baskets in the bedroom and the laundry room to be washed or to be ironed & hung up. My latest thing is just leave the dirty clothes til Friday to start washing. Then the certain ones go in dryer and others get hung on one of the four drying racks in guest room. Then the clothes just stay on the drying rack. Hubby is starting to make an issue of the fact that none of his shirts are getting hung up in closet. Well. Help me get a handle on the laundry then instead of complaining. Oh, you may want to go back to item #2.

6. Make realistic list of daily chores. I can NOT possible do all the things I want to do in one day. Really. I want to make dinner every stinking night. From scratch. I want to clean my kitchen floor and mop every other day if not daily. Same with bathrooms (all 3) and the living room. It’s not happening. Maybe weekly IF I’m lucky.

7. Dedicate more time to QUALITY blogging post. Alrighty then. See the title? That should say it all.

8. Utilize my time more wisely. Well. If that was happening I can assure you I would have a title on my blog saying “My daily quest to be perfect” now, would I? Come on, I easily put 10 things that I attempt to do daily to be perfect. As a farce. (mental note to self: be sure to call pharmacy on way home from office to see if them happy pills are ready yet).

9. Grocery shop ONCE a week and that’s it. This kind of would fall in with items 3, 6, and the very first one. BUT if I do that … well, there really is no reason.

10. Forgive myself first. Yeah. Much easier said then done.

Moral of this post? Accept the fact that you are not perfect, and neither am I. Oh, and realize that them happy pills must have been working pretty darn well after all.


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