Doctors, Hospitals and Xrays

The title may sound dramatic, but it's not.

Tried to refill my happy pills. The pharmacy just kept screwing it up so I had to make an appointment to see the doctor in order to get a refill.

I love my doctor. Really. She's easy to talk to, sweet, compassionate, and still has the passion for medicine. In otherwords, she's a young, fairly recent graduate. Also, pregnant. Getting ready to take a few months off come the first of the year to have her son.

So I see her. We talk. Tell her about the pharmacy screw up. Says that she no longer refills at the request of the pharmacy. They get paid when the fill a script. Then they get paid AGAIN when you pick up the script. Huh.

She looked at my bulging finger. Poked it a little. Said that she really wanted to xray it. Ok. Why. What do you think it is? Said it may be bone growth. Ok. Just what does that mean. And what do you do for it? Said that we would talk about that after the xray review. Huh.

See. It's my ring finger on my left hand. Knuckle closest to the nail. Looks like someone blew up a balloon. It's round and swollen. Hard. Hurts, burns, stings. I have to keep the nail short because when I type, it really bothers me (not a good thing when I work on a computer all day long). AND I do not wear my wedding ring because I got panicky one day when I couldn't even wedge it around my finger ...

So did the outpatient at hospital on Friday morning. There by 7am. Out by 8am. Fast, effiecient and pleasant. Was a little freaked to see some employees coming in with mask on though. Huh.

Saturday, my girlfriend, who is a nurse, gave hubby and me our annual seasonal flu shot. She will not even handle the swine flu vaccine. So not all health care providers are accepting it. Huh.

Ok, that's that. We shall see this week what the xray reveles. The tech showed it to me, said that "yes, something is going on there" but is not qualified to say what. Alrighty then.


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