Side trip to Goodwill

So I've been reading this blog lately called Beauty and Bedlam and it's inspired me to give my local goodwill another shot. One more.

Stopped by on my way home from work last night. Went straight to the 'boutique' area (which is just so much better organized) and ended up trying on about 20 skirts, which only one really fit and flattered me (whats up with that hippy stuff???) and the last thing that I had grabbed off the rack was this pink Loft dress. Ok. A) I am not a pink person and B) I am not a Loft kinda girl. But the dress was THE BEST thing! It was perfect for me. So very very perfect. Color. Fit. Style. Everything about it. Dress it up. Dress it down. Office. Out. Around the house. Anything I damn well please, this dress can accomodate. Woohoo.

Then when I came out & hung up the 19 skirts that didn't fit, flatter or whatever, I spied the shoe racks. Normally, I totally skip right past them shoes, they are just dusty, smelly and so not appealing BUT I spied a pair of what looked to be new black slingbacks. Hmmm. Size 9. That's me. Put them babies on and said, you come home with mommy. $8. I don't care. Not often that I find a pair of shoes (at the end of the day when the feet are like 5 times larger than normal) that feel like slippers when put on.

Then I spied this really cool blouse (following the theory of when in a hurry, look at hemlines) that was a black sheer with some really cool beading detail on the cuffs and front of blouse. $4.50. Made the mistake of NOT trying on (said large) and it's alittle snug but hey, if I lose that 10 lbs, it will fit.

All in all: banana republic skirt, $6, Loft dress $10, Nine West shoes, $8 and funky (too small blouse) $4.50. Total of $30.xx. About $20 more than I wanted to spend but oh well.

Now, my only problem would be my urge to wash everything in the washer. Put the skirt & dress on cold, hand wash delicate cycle & hung to dry. Waiting to iron the dress right now. Looks like it may be slightly out of shape with the lining hanging lower than the dress hem. It happens, and I can fix that if ironing does NOT fix. I hate the drycleaner but I suppose I should see if I can't find a cheaper place in my daily travels.


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