Turkeys and Hams

Winn Dixie has turkeys on sale for 69 cents per lb. As we fry 3 to 5 turkeys for Thanksgiving AND they should ideally be within the 10 to 12 pounds range, I thought I’d swing by early last Wendsday to see if they had any.

SCORE! I spent a little under $21 and here’s what I got:
12 lb turkey $8.xx
11 lb turkey $8.xx
2.5 lb brown sugar sliced ham $9.xx
2 lb brown sugar sliced ham (buy one get one free) $9.xx
2 bags of marshmallows $1 each
2 bags of dole salad, $1.25 each (unheard of!) with manager coupons of $1 off additional (25 cents EACH!!!)

So, I used two $2 off turkey coupons, two $1 off fresh pork, 50 cent off marshmallows, $1 off dole salad, and two $1 off manager special for salad.

Wow. I’m overly impressed. That means that I got the salad for free plus 50 cents. Spent $12 on 2 turkeys. Spent $2 per lb on the ham. Hubby and I had just talked about whether or not to do a honey baked ham for Christmas this year and we agreed no, that they were way too expensive nowadays and out of budget. This is perfect (hey, we normally get the 8lb portion and it’s $54 this year!!!).

I’m happy. Turkeys & hams are in the freezer here at the office where they will stay til it’s closer to the holidays as I have NO room in the freezers at home. Woohoo. I’m so pysched!


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