Menu Plan Week 160 - Using What We Have - Paleo / Whole30

Hey hey ... it's Monday and I'm a day late ;-)

That little flu bug made his appearance this past week ... was feeling off for a few days and then bam! 2am Friday morning he decided to make his announcement! Wholly crap did I feel bad. Poor Hubby ... he was a little besides himself wanting to do something to make me feel better yet he really wanted me to help him with a few projects around the house. Uhm, hello, it's Friday and I called in sick which I rarely do! So my 3 day weekend moved in to a 4 day weekend, although none of it was fun at all but I did do some little things around the house (decluttered, cleaned, laundry, and so on) ... I'm just glad it's Monday night and fingers crossed that the fever broke this afternoon during my emotional breakdown ;-) Yes, a tear or two was shed and I just felt horrible for about 45 minutes ... all better now ;-)

Not a whole lot of grocery shopping this past week (well, today, Monday was a whole different story, but that's on next week) ... Hubby went and picked up a few things and spent maybe $25 or so?  The pantry is showing gaps and the freezers are way more manageable! I'm actually excited about the prospect of organized freezers! Crazy, I know!

I had picked up some cauliflower and green beans earlier Monday so I riced my own cauliflower and have determined that it's worth the extra few cents to buy is already done due to the mess ;-) I made up 3 lunches for the week: 1 with pulled pork, cauliflower rice and green beans and 2 with thai beef (found in the freezer, wholefoods) and cauliflower rice and green beans.

So ... here's what we are looking to have this week!

Sunday - burgers (freezer) with grilled red onions and the rest of the french fries from the freezer. It was windy as heck so I pulled out the Cuisinart griddle/panini press and used that. Been a while and it was good to use it as I'm in the mode where I'm donating stuff like crazy to Goodwill! I think I'll keep the press ;-)

Monday - this chicken breast/pepperoni/pizza sauce and cheese dish ... uhm, yummm ... will so share that this week! All from the freezer and pantry!

Tuesday - Taco Tuesday ... beef in freezer, balance of stuff in fridge and pantry

Wednesday - Thai Pork Bowls ... basically the same as this recipe ;-) The pork is from Costco and was in the freezer, I had pulled it out late last week and it stayed frozen for a few days so we need to eat it up. I've got cabbage/coleslaw mix in the fridge but need to buy more/new

Thursday - leftovers and/or grilled cheese and soup

Friday - Chicken thighs most likely ;-) with roasted broccoli ... thighs in freezer, broccoli was picked up on Monday

Saturday - Hubby's choice and I'm totally leaving it up to him ;-)

What are YOU making this week?  Go check out Organized Junkie's Menu Plan Monday party ... lots of ideas over there!

Looking forward to sharing with some of these GREAT Parties ... go check them out!

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