Menu Plan Week 46 - Using What We Have

Entering Week 22 of Hubby's Unemployment Adventures too ...

I shopped quite a bit this past week ... too much.  Hubby is out until Wednesday so I will really be utilizing what we have on hand for the following week ... Once he is home, I will have to buy some milk, but I think we are good on everything else ...

I was home Monday (thank you to all the Veterans for giving and preserving our freedom!) and decided to get the freezers organized ... watch for a post on 'that' ... also used up a spa gift certificate ... seemed to be the perfect day to do so ...

Here's what we got going on this week ...

Sunday - inside out burgers made by the Princess boyfriend. Beef came from freezer and amazingly enough, the buns in the pantry were still edible

Monday - leftover chili from last week with a small salad on the side

Tuesday - stir fry veggies with some chicken (chicken in freezer, veggies in fridge) ... wont' be as elaborate as that particular post!

Wednesday - 3 pack crockpot roast ... new recipe, pretty simple, hope it turns out well ... if so, will post the recipe .... will have sautéed shrooms (fridge) and spinach on the side (beef from freezer, same with spinach and packets from pantry)

Thursday - Cobb Salad (lunchmeat and balance of ingredients are in the fridge already)

Friday - Hubby's good friend has put together a "networking" social hour for tonight at a little pub we all like to hang out at ... he needs to get his face in front of some people to make a buzz on his name again ... time passes, people quiet down, so here's hoping that people will be talking about him again come Monday at the offices

Saturday - Hubbys choice, will try and lean him towards chicken thighs and veggies on the grill!

What are you cooking this week?

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