Skipping the gym

My back is still killing me ... I know it's just the muscle that was *over* worked out but still ... uggg.

So I'm doing some laundry (to scratch that off the list soon), dishes, AND I made Hubby a Cobb Salad, his very favorite:

Pretty easy to do, chop some lettuce (romaine), chop 2 eggs, chop some turkey lunchmeat, and then just put in neat rows on top of lettuce. I used olives (since he loves olives) and a little cheddar cheese since I don't have any blue cheese. NO AVOCADO either.

Normally I would have offered up my honey mustard dressing but haven't made any this week (it's on my list) so I offered the favorite stand by (which is delicious!)

So again, I've proved how much we love salads in this house ... and I feel like a GOOD wife in making dinner finally! :)


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