Remainder of March Menu Plan

Seriously, it's so much easier to just plan the majority of the month ahead of time. I don't know why I don't do it all the time :) Lazy? Who Me??

Anyways, starting on the 13th which is Sunday, here we go through the end of the month (and luckily, I know Hubby's travel plans in advance!) It should also be noted (of course!) that days don't necessarily mean ANYTHING except on Friday, Saturday and Sunday ... the Monday through Thursday can so easily change up or down....

AND Sunday (today) I precooked some peppers and onions along with chicken breast and italian sausage on the grill to be ahead of the game. Salads are made for hopefully 3 days at least ...

Sunday  Pasta with red sauce, tomatoes and mozzarella salad with garlic bread (baking french bread)
Monday  Chicken Cesar Wraps
Tuesday  Macaroni and cheese with kiabalsi (all in freezer)
Wednesday  SURVIVOR NIGHT BLT Pizza (as I need to share with Hubby and get some pics!)
Thursday it's St Pattys Day ... and Hubbys 9th anniversary of our life change (major motorcycle accident) and I'm leaning towards his favorite, sausage and peppers ... but will let him tell me what he wants
Friday  burgers on the grill with some roasted tater wedges
Saturday  Chicken stuffed with spinach and scalloped taters

Sunday  French onion soup and Italian Beef Sandwiches
Monday  Chili cheese dogs
Tuesday BBQ Chicken Fingers
Wednesday SURVIVOR NIGHT  Tacos
Thursday Chicken Cesar Salad
Friday  Asian style thighs but using the Drumstick recipe with jasmine rice
Saturday  Picadillo with black beans and rice

Sunday  Maybe out IF I've stuck with my menu plan the past 14 days! :) A reward? You betcha!

Not to mention, Hubby is out this week ... I believe he flies back in on Sunday later in the day so it's just me and the Boy since Princess will most likely be out every night at work til midnight or so ...

Monday  Burgers and potato wedges
Tuesday  Pasta for easy night
Wednesday SURVIVOR NIGHT BLT sandwiches ... along with some veggie fries (or just plain carrot sticks if the fries are gone by then)
Thursday the last day of March (OH MAN!) Again, for the Boy, grilled cheese sandwiches and canned tomato soup

Dare I toss in Friday? NO. Hubby is still out, most likely having the neighborhood garage sale on Saturday and heck, lets just do pizza or something kids!
Huh. That wasn't so very hard after all! Linking up with Organizing Junkie and the Menu Plan Monday groupies! Stuck for some new ideas? Check out all the other 300+ bloggers!


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