Menu Plan Monday - Week 6 of the Pantry Challenge

Yes, I AM STILL DOING THE PANTRY CHALLENGE. But geesh, maybe I should change the rules a little? Like, stay out of the stores. Send kids to get milk and bread. Make do with what I have (cheese anyone?) and so on. I've not done any stocking up with the exception of coffee, and maybe cheese. Oh maybe a few other things, but seriously, well, ok, there were a few things that I picked up at Costco but still ... I stand by that I'm NOT shopping as I normally would.

So let's see what we can do this week after last weeks miserable failure ... popcorn for dinner is probably not the most nutritional option, but I figure it's better than a bag of doritos! So this time, I'm going to plan a little more accordingly for the late nights home from the gym ... and luckily, most of the stuff is pretty much made and ready to go (NO, it's NOT leftovers)

Monday  - Chicken thighs with double baked taters (microwave reheat)

Tuesday - Chicken stir fry of sorts, I have a bag of stir fry veggies in the freezer, plenty of chicken in the fridge/freezer and an awesome thai dressing that I can change up a little more towards chinese style

Wednesday - Brats and/or Dogs with taters and onions (grilled)

Thursday -  Black bean soup and rice

Friday - I'm thinking along the lines of some burgers and fried food

Saturday - As I beleive my g/f is looking to celebrate her 50th this night with a girls night out, I may just leave Hubby on his own :)

Sunday - Pizza, homemade.

Looking for some ideas or just curious what others are eating? Hop on over to Organizing Junkie and like up with the 100's of others!


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