Costco Trip

Yes, I am still on the pantry challenge and YES I did go to Costco. Ummm, spent a little more than I wanted (as always) but nothing like the last time!  I also got gas, $70 worth that filled up the tank.

I had my list in hand and did not deviate too far from it. Actually put back a few things that didn't come across as a great deal or that I didn't think I had to have at that very moment. I'm thinking (hoping) that this should be sufficient for the month in any major shopping, took care of the kids for the snacks and such for school, protein stuff for the workouts, veggies, and then some basic health and beauty items (do you see any fluff stuff in here??)

3 dozen large eggs, $3.99
Pita chips $5.69
Veggie Straws $4.99
sea salt $3.79
half & half x2 $1.59 each
nutringrain bars $10.99
electrosol $9.99 less $3.25
bag of lemons $6.99
bag of limes $6.99
24 pk propel $9.99 less $2
2 gallons 2% milk $2.39 each
gallon skim milk $2.29
5 lbs tomatoes $6.99
pantene conditioner x2 $7.99 less $2 each
honey roasted turkey lunchmeat $7.35
3 pk gold bond lotion $13.99 less $3
4 lbs bacon $9.99
24 pk of assorted nuts $12.99
qt heavy cream $2.95
18 pk protein bars $17.69
jelly belly jelly beans $15.99 less $4
6 pk romaine lettuce $3.79
5 pk shave cream $8.49
string cheese (can't remember how large but big) $8.79
4 pk cheese slices $7.49

I upgraded my card as they said I would have gotten $70 back so far ... so I said sure, $25 is what they charged me ... I feel like I was sucked in ...

Some of the stuff is not that great of a deal, shaving cream, nuts, etc. but it's a matter of quality and convenience.

Now back to the Pantry Challenge.


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