Cheese deal in case you haven't seen it

IF you have a Target with a refrigerator/dairy section, you need to go shop!

They currently have Kraft cheese (shredded and block) on sale for $2 each. Go to the target site and print off the coupon for $1.25 off 2.  AND if you were lucky to see the $1 off any Kraft cheese in the Albertons sale paper, you have an even better deal!

Anyways, I bought 6 bags of cheddar cheese, use 3 $1.25 off and 2 $1 off for a total of $5.75 off a $12 purchase. That gave me cheese for about $1.25 a package. Best deal I've seen in quite a while.

Yes, I AM on a Pantry Challenge ... I didn't say I wouldn't buy any SUPER deals on stuff that we use all the time ... just for the record, I believe I WAS out of cheddar!


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