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Monday, May 31, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

It's another Manic Menu Plan Monday over at the Organizing Junkie. And Memorial Day to boot! A few weeks ago, I weighed myself at Publix when I went in to the store one Monday morning. You may not know it but I tossed out the bathroom scale a while ago because a) it was old, and the battery/digital thing was annoying me and b) it was never ever consistent. Well. I saw where the little needle ended. Shook my head, stepped off the scale, and went on my way. I didn't even bother denying it. I knew I had finally went over the top end number for me. Not by what the scale says, but by the way my current clothes fit and by the clothes I try on in stores fit (in other words, YES I do need to go the next size larger). BUT I've been in denial. I'm bloated. Oh, we ate big this weekend, etc. And you know, I'm the first one to say that after working out for a week, WOW can you see a difference, and you feel so much better. BUT I don't follow through on a consistent basis. Oh. I'm sorry. Are you asking what this has to do with Menu Plan Monday??? EVERYTHING! You see, I'm going low carb for the month of June. And, if at all possible, no alcohol, no beer, no nothing. Should NOT be hard as our best friends we hang out with mostly (and drink the most beer with) are in Colorado til mid July. AND the boat is STILL in the driveway (weekend boating equals yummy foods AND ice cold beer) ... AND, well, Hubby is joining me he says. So. That should make it 80% easier!!! Not the kids though, they will still be eating normal (damn skinny teens) ... As you know, the first 2 weeks of low carb is the "induction period" with 20 carbs TOTAL. That's not much at all. It's hard. But you can do it Check out this website (and don't forget to read her ongoing story about her husband, totally heartwrenching) and click on menus and then the induction menu. Pretty cool, huh? I'm following her plan for the 2 weeks ... maybe change it up a little here & there but for the most part, that will be my guideline. As for the kids, they will be eating too. Just normal stuff that will be part of my cooking low carb only with the carby stuff tossed in. If I know them, they will be raiding the freezer for the quick to prepare foods anyways ... Sunday - big bbq bash with a few friends and LOTS of teens. Burgers, dogs, brats, chicken, watermelon, strawberries, grapes, mac salad, potatoe salad, sesame noodle salad, asian cabbage slaw, etc. Oh, and lots of lemonade, vodka and beer (for adults) kids did their share on propel, water and gatorade ... Monday - last day of "normal" stuff ... finish off the food from the bbq weekend, salads, fruit trays, burgers, hot dogs, brats, chicken. Will also be cooking up extra stuff for the upcoming week *The following is my proposed plan BUT it may just be leftover meats from Sunday & Monday that fit in to the menus ... Tuesday - Day one of the low carb plan. Salsa Chicken (looks easy enough, and good in the picture!) Wednesday - Pork tenderloin. There is a basic recipe on the site but you know, it's really a no brainer to cook a tenderloin, so I'm going to leave it alone ... will probably do Mojo marinade. Thursday - Taco Salad Friday - Chicken & Shroom kabobs on the grill Saturday - Steak baby ... Not sure what you want to cook or eat? Hop on over to Organizing Junkie to check out hundreds of menu plans!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 5/23 - 5/29

Well, it's another Manic Monday Menu Plan ... I've been a little lazy lately in the planning as Hubby was out last week (Kansas!) and I've also been fairly busy at work ... so we've pretty much fended for ourselves the past week. BUT now I'm back ... Be sure to check over here and here for what we had for dinner on Saturday with some friends. The steaks were awesome and I know it's because of the marinade. Delicious! Breakfast are pretty much the same day in and day out (hubby has cheereos, sonny boy has eggs & bagel & his glass of Carnation & I usually have scrambled eggs. Princess, uh, I have NO idea what she eats in the morning, probably nothing, or cookies). Lunches are usually leftovers for hubby, I made a daily salad and/or leftovers (depending on how appealing I can get the salad). Princess, again, is on her own, and Sonny boy either grabs a pb sandwich with a protein bar & gatorade or grabs something at the school cafeteria. So here's the plan ... the days don't really mean a whole lot, other than to remind me that oh, it's Thursday, favorite tv night, etc. Sunday shrimp alfredo - originally taken from here but modified with much more seasonings! If you really want to see it pop on over to my recipe site Monday tacos - FYI - not really a recipe, I use package stuff, but just a break down of stuff we use. Tuesday pot roast (crockpot) - check back for a recipe Wednesday chicken and rice Thursday leftovers OR sandwiches, chips and coleslaw Friday would like to make these little fish pouches but I don't know .... Saturday chops (although, it's memorial day weekend and we have been thinking of letting the kids invite friends over to do a bbq this weekend instead of entertaining adults ... which could definately change this)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ross Dress For Less

The name sort of rings true, I suppose. There is one not too far from my office, like within a mile or so. It's fairly new, to the point where when I saw it, I asked someone WHEN did that arrive?? Well, finally, after saying I was going to do it, I took a lunch yesterday and went there. 45 minutes and $111.00 later, I left with a bag of "goodies", 9 items total. Of course, being on my lunch hour, and in a hurry, I did not try anything on. Anyone care to comment on just what EXACTLY that means?? 7 items to return, 2 to keep. Not so bad then. $17 total. Yeah, that's better than the $111. I suppose this may count as frugalwear afterall ...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Change (or not)

A few weeks ago, 2 weeks to be exact (wow!) I was writing with a little fear ... something about Change in the air, with Hubby's company and such. Change is still in the air, trust me. But it's not as frightening as we thought in those first few hours. The company must continue to operate "business as usual" which is a good mantra to have and instill in your employees. There are rumors by the dozen floating around cyberspace, newspapers and street corners. Cubicle gossip is the worse! There is now a bidding war for the company which is a good thing, right? And you know what, Change can be good, if you open you heart and mind to it. So now, Hubby is looking at other business avenues. He's back to seriously considering doing his own thing. I think he should. I think he would make a great business owner. Sure, it would potentially be rough for a little while but my blog is called Frugal In Florida for a REASON (though, some do question it!). Anyways, we are still doin gth esame as we've been doing. Nothing dramatically changed yet. Other than Princess is home and we've suddenly become the place to chill again. I like that as I like to see who the other kids are ... it's good to know as a mom!

Food, or as known in my house, STUFF

Yeah, stuff. I've got stuff in the fridges that I need to deal with when I get home. I've got stuff at work that I need to clear out before I go home. I've got stuff in the car to put away. Stuff. Everywhere I look, I have stuff. Friday night, I went to Penn Dutch to get some meat they had on sale. The veggies were no way cheaper at the time. Amazing, they used to be great but now they seem to have crept up more on pricing. Hmmm. Wonder if it's the cold weather issue we had?? The STUFF in the refrigerators is meat. Almost 20 lbs of b/s chicken breast. Hanging flap meat (don't ask, I'm not sure but it looked pretty yummy) and a flank steak. I've got other STUFF too, but you'll have to bear with me a minute. So I need to do something with the meat. You know, cook it and eat it. Or toss it in the freezer. Or cook it and toss in the freezer. Well, you get the picture. However, my freezers are OVERFLOWING. Seriously. I took out a 3 lb bag of chicken wings with hopes of cooking them over the weekend to make room for the meat and all it did was let some stuff settle a little more snuggly. Huh. So I have THAT to deal with. Then of course, the veggies and fruits, watermelon, carrots, romaine lettuce (which is NOT part of the recall, thanks for asking!), strawberries and grapes. Oh. Cucumbers. Celery. Peppers. Oh my, all the food! Because on Saturday I went to: Costco. Yes, Costco. Why would I do that you ask? Well, they had a few things I wanted to get while the coupons were still good. And just how much do you think I spent there? More than I wanted but less than the past. $300. Uggg. But I got this that and a bunch of other stuff. Not so sure ALL of it was a requirement to our household but hey, life may be a little easier with some of those goodies. See, we are a family of 4 again with a few straglers in between. Band members (um, rock star status folks), princess friends and foes, ex boyfriends, MY friends, hubby's friends. And a few dogs in between get to come visit and eat Kitty's food (he doesn't like that too much either). In other words, lots of food comes and goes. I was thoroughly impressed that the Rock Star Status kids were chowing on the grapes instead of chips. Huh. Amazing. I like to see that! Anyways. It's 4:30pm on a Monday and I'm sitting in the office thinking about STUFF and what the heck kind of STUFF can I make for dinner? Lots of choices, let me tell you!