Change (or not)

A few weeks ago, 2 weeks to be exact (wow!) I was writing with a little fear ... something about Change in the air, with Hubby's company and such. Change is still in the air, trust me. But it's not as frightening as we thought in those first few hours. The company must continue to operate "business as usual" which is a good mantra to have and instill in your employees. There are rumors by the dozen floating around cyberspace, newspapers and street corners. Cubicle gossip is the worse! There is now a bidding war for the company which is a good thing, right? And you know what, Change can be good, if you open you heart and mind to it. So now, Hubby is looking at other business avenues. He's back to seriously considering doing his own thing. I think he should. I think he would make a great business owner. Sure, it would potentially be rough for a little while but my blog is called Frugal In Florida for a REASON (though, some do question it!). Anyways, we are still doin gth esame as we've been doing. Nothing dramatically changed yet. Other than Princess is home and we've suddenly become the place to chill again. I like that as I like to see who the other kids are ... it's good to know as a mom!


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