Food, or as known in my house, STUFF

Yeah, stuff. I've got stuff in the fridges that I need to deal with when I get home. I've got stuff at work that I need to clear out before I go home. I've got stuff in the car to put away. Stuff. Everywhere I look, I have stuff. Friday night, I went to Penn Dutch to get some meat they had on sale. The veggies were no way cheaper at the time. Amazing, they used to be great but now they seem to have crept up more on pricing. Hmmm. Wonder if it's the cold weather issue we had?? The STUFF in the refrigerators is meat. Almost 20 lbs of b/s chicken breast. Hanging flap meat (don't ask, I'm not sure but it looked pretty yummy) and a flank steak. I've got other STUFF too, but you'll have to bear with me a minute. So I need to do something with the meat. You know, cook it and eat it. Or toss it in the freezer. Or cook it and toss in the freezer. Well, you get the picture. However, my freezers are OVERFLOWING. Seriously. I took out a 3 lb bag of chicken wings with hopes of cooking them over the weekend to make room for the meat and all it did was let some stuff settle a little more snuggly. Huh. So I have THAT to deal with. Then of course, the veggies and fruits, watermelon, carrots, romaine lettuce (which is NOT part of the recall, thanks for asking!), strawberries and grapes. Oh. Cucumbers. Celery. Peppers. Oh my, all the food! Because on Saturday I went to: Costco. Yes, Costco. Why would I do that you ask? Well, they had a few things I wanted to get while the coupons were still good. And just how much do you think I spent there? More than I wanted but less than the past. $300. Uggg. But I got this that and a bunch of other stuff. Not so sure ALL of it was a requirement to our household but hey, life may be a little easier with some of those goodies. See, we are a family of 4 again with a few straglers in between. Band members (um, rock star status folks), princess friends and foes, ex boyfriends, MY friends, hubby's friends. And a few dogs in between get to come visit and eat Kitty's food (he doesn't like that too much either). In other words, lots of food comes and goes. I was thoroughly impressed that the Rock Star Status kids were chowing on the grapes instead of chips. Huh. Amazing. I like to see that! Anyways. It's 4:30pm on a Monday and I'm sitting in the office thinking about STUFF and what the heck kind of STUFF can I make for dinner? Lots of choices, let me tell you!


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